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5 awesome Final Fantasy women missing from Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

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Apr 28, 2018, 6:14 PM EDT (Updated)

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is an excellent fighting game, even if it features some confusing design decisions. More than that, it's a great example of fan service done right, giving longtime Final Fantasy devotees a chance to pit some of their favorite characters against each other or team up to fight off the bad guys. But as great as it is, it’s still missing a few amazing women from the annals of Final Fantasy history.

Here are five women from the Final Fantasy series missing from Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, and here’s hoping they are brought into the fold someday in future DLC or future releases in the Dissidia series.

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Final Fantasy X2 - Paine #2

Paine (Final Fantasy X-2)

From the opening moments of Final Fantasy X-2 when we heard " position," we knew we'd be in love with Paine. She has the attitude and chops in battle to make short work of her opponents, we've already seen her rocking some totally rad costumes from dresspheres in the game, and she could bring some cool special attacks to Dissidia. Honestly, just look at her. She's a better fit than some of the actual choices that made it into the game. Would you want to trifle with Paine? Didn't think so. 

Final Fantasy XV - Cindy

Cindy Aurum (Final Fantasy XV)

Cindy may not be the typical warrior type, but it would be so much fun to see her added in as a treat. She could be blessed with some sort of enormous set of mechanic tools, wearing the same fun, sprightly outfit from when we first crossed paths at the Hammerhead garage. Not everyone needs to be a born warrior to square off against some of the characters of Dissidia, and giving Cindy some magical abilities would be an awesome idea. Wouldn’t you agree? This will never happen in a million years. But it should.

Final Fantasy VIII - Rinoa

Rinoa Heartilly (Final Fantasy VIII)

Rinoa and her trusty sidekick Angelo would make fantastic and obvious additions to Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. Her blaster edge doesn’t get enough love, and her long-range attacks would make her a boon, especially if her ultimate weapon Shooting Star were included in the equation. Ultimecia gets a slot in the game, so why not Rinoa? Squall’s love interest and one of Final Fantasy VIII’s most memorable women is more than deserving of a chance to appear in the fighter, even if she does seem a bit pacifist. 

Final Fantasy IX - Freya

Freya Crescent (Final Fantasy IX)

This Burmecian Dragon Knight may be searching for her lost love, Sir Fratley, in Final Fantasy IX, but she can hold her own in battle. She's friendly, calm, and personable, but also a formidable knight who can handle her business with the best of them. Not seeing her in any rendition of Dissidia thus far is a veritable crime. If you think she wouldn't be able to do a ridiculous amount of damage with her unique set of skills as a dragoon, then you're probably one of the same people who couldn't appreciate Freya in the scope of her original game's story, either. That's a shame, because she slays, with or without her lance. And she needs more time in the spotlight, damn it!

Final Fantasy IV - Rydia

Rydia of Mist (Final Fantasy IV)

Rydia has technically appeared in Dissidia, but not as the playable character we hoped for. So now it’s time for her to join in, but given the way the series handles summons, perhaps it’s for the best since she bolstered summoning’s popularity after her appearance in Final Fantasy IV. But she deserves more than the bit parts she’s played in the past in the Dissidia games, and Rydia being fully playable once more would be an awesome thing. Perhaps she’s one of the upcoming DLC characters?

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