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5 fighting game franchises that should follow SNK's lead

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Feb 19, 2018, 4:48 PM EST (Updated)

The upcoming SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy puts together an all-female fighting cast from the company’s various fighting franchises like King of Fighters, and the result is an awesome amalgam of women who kick ass - all in one game!

Though this isn’t the first time SNK has done this very thing, as SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy is a spiritual successor to the Neo Geo Pocket Color’s SNK Gals’ Fighters, it’s still cool to see it happening again. But why haven’t any of the other fighting franchises followed suit? You know, aside from the fact that some of them just don’t have that many female fighters? That’s a good question. They should! In fact, here are five fighting game franchises that should follow SNK’s lead. Ladies first!

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Street Fighter: C. Viper

Street Fighter

Street Fighter is one series that’s practically teeming with badass women, from Cammy to R. Mika. Whether you’re a Crimson Viper stan or you love using Juri because she’s oozing with style, you’ve probably got your own fave female fighter to pulverize your opponents into dust with. The fact that there are so many women in Street Fighter make it a bit baffling as to why there hasn’t been a woman-only entry like SNK Heroines just yet. There’s an entire world of possibilities, with fan-favorites like Chun Li, Sakura, and several other women who tear up the ring with their various abilities. They don’t need to meet up for any particular reason, other than to hang out, because let’s face it — who hasn’t wanted to see Juri and Meant just chill with some sparring time? Come on, Capcom. Go ahead and make this game. 

Mortal Kombat X: Mileena

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat only has a handful of women in its ranks, but they’re powerful fighters who should also be feared. Everyone knows Kitana and Mileena, but don’t rest on Sonya Blade or Cassie Cage. You should also fear D’Vorah and her ravenous swarms. The women of Mortal Kombat, while ridiculously dangerous, could use some time bonding despite their differences (come on, they can get along!) and how fun would it be to have a tag team match with Cassie Cage and Jacqui Briggs against Mileena and Jade? Ridiculous, right? It’s time. Let it happen. 

Dead or Alive: Ayane and Kasumi

Dead or Alive

True, the Dead or Alive girls already have their own games in the Dead or Alive Xtreme series, but there’s no fighting to be found there. Those are reserved for hanging out at the beach, playing volleyball, and having fun in the sun. These gals are fighters, however, so why not gather them all for some friendly sparring to see who emerges victorious? Helena, Ayane, Kasumi, Marie Rose, and the rest of the gang (including series newcomer Luna) are primed and ready for some brawling, and how fun would it be to jump from laying out in the sun all day at the beach to beating the snot out of each other and transforming, magical girl style? Sold yet? I think so. 

Darkstalkers: Morrigan


Some of Darkstalkers’ most popular characters are women; Morrigan Aensland and Felicia come to mind. But there are some extremely unique and wacky characters in the series, like Baby Bonnie Hood, clad in a Red Riding Hood costume, and the Chinese vampire-based Hsien-Ko. There’s even the anthromorphic bee Q-Bee. There’s so much craziness in Darkstalkers, period, that it wouldn’t really be out of the ordinary to round all the female characters up and make something awesome. It just needs to get off the ground. Imagine all the weird tag-team moves you could do. Morrigan and Lilith against the world! Marvel vs. Capcom who?

Tekken: Lucky Chloe


Tekken’s Nina Williams starred in her own game, Death by Degrees, so that’s reason enough to go ahead and throw an entire women-only Tekken game into the mix. Come on! Anna Williams, Christie Monteiro, Ling Xiaoyu, Asuka Kazama? The list goes on. These powerful women are not only representative of several different fighting styles and backgrounds, but their interactions could potentially be amazing together. There’s also that sweet set of customization items seen in the most recent Tekken, Tekken 7, which was totally in line with the same kind of “dress-up” seen in SNK Heroines. So, hello? No-brainer. 

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