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5 Image Comics series that should be adapted for TV

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Sep 6, 2018, 2:00 PM EDT

With the recent announcements that Huck, Gideon Falls, and Injection are being developed into TV series, while SYFY is months away from premiering Deadly Class, Image Comics is the hot new source for comic book adaptions in Hollywood.

To get ahead of the game, we decided to look at Image’s large catalog to find those series that we think could or should also get the TV adaptation treatment. For the purpose of this list, we avoided series that have already had their rights acquired and are in development (so no Sex Criminals or The Wicked and the Divine) or might not be for sale (Saga and possibly Paper Girls) in making our decision.

So, listen up Hollywood, we’re talking to you. Let’s get going on these already!

Nailbiter Issue One


Mike Henderson and Joshua Williamson’s serial killer-focused horror comic Nailbiter centers on the town of Buckaroo, which somehow produces the most serial killers in the world. Killers include the Book Burner, an illiterate arsonist that burns libraries; the WTF Killer, who mutilates the skin of his victims in a very misguided intent to make art; and Nailbiter, who kidnaps his victims and bites their fingers to the bone before killing them.

Snotgirl vol 1


Leslie Hung and Bryan Lee O’Malley’s wonderful comic Snotgirl is about a fashion blogger who stumbles through drama around interns, relationships, and possible murders. It's an incredible reflection on the social media influencers of 2018, who make a living by selling a perfect digital version of themselves. As studies point out, we’re all on our phones while watching TV anyway, so a show about the convergence between reality and perception might be the very thing we need to pry ourselves away from all our comments and likes.


I Hate Fairyland

Adult cartoons are hitting the mainstream and not shying away from violence, swearing, or really, really awkward moments. Skottie Young’s fantastically demented I Hate Fairyland starts with a 10-year-old Gertrude in an ultra-happy bubble gum land on a quest that takes her over 27 years to accomplish. Now, a 37-year-old Gertrude is stuck in a land that is WAY too cute for her, so she’s taken to bloody violent proclivities to try to find her away home. Definitely not for your kids in the best way possible.



HBO is prepping a Game of Thrones prequel and Amazon is skimming the top of their trillion-dollar valuation for a $500 million dollar Lord of the Rings saga, making the Eisner-winning Monstress, one of the greatest fantasy epics in comics, primed for adaptation. Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda’s story of a slave girl who shares a connection to a powerful monster has an expansive matriarchal world with sorceresses, magical creatures, and two-tailed talking cats with foul mouths and strong personalities.


Morning Glories volume one

Morning Glories

Nick Spencer and Joe Eisner’s Morning Glories dives deep into philosophy, religion and occult practices in its depiction Morning Glories Academy, an exclusive boarding school for kids... that secretively focuses on the torture of its students. There’s a mysterious agenda at work here that Spencer and Eisner, weave throughout the story in a non-linear fashion and it has perplexed readers for 50 issues thus far.... so many a TV structure would have to be a bit different.