5 inappropriate Walking Dead product placements we avoided (PICS)

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Dec 14, 2012

Boy, did WE dodge a bullet! (Though considering the show we're talking about, we probably also dodged an ax and a chainsaw.) Back before The Walking Dead became a mega hit, producer Gale Anne Hurd was being pressured to consider product placements. Since she was able to prevent that from happening, we thought we'd show you what we all missed.

Speaking at the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas, Hurd revealed that placement firms were lobbying hard to get her to include their products onscreen during the zombie apocalypse, and that before the show was a success, it wasn't easy to say no.

"It's hard when you're a new show," she said. But she decided it was better to resist temptation and avoid anything that might pull us out of the drama.

Maybe she was able to resist. But not us!

Check out the gallery below for five totally inappropriate product placements that could have been.

(Thanks to Falon Wriede and Matt Krueger for the art help.)

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