5 Millarworld comics Netflix needs to adapt immediately

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Lucas Siegel
Aug 8, 2017

Netflix acquiring Millarworld is a huge step in the right direction for Mark Millar and his co-creator's comics to see screens big and small. The writer, working professionally in comics since 1989, has already had undeniable success, with Wanted, Kick-Ass, and Kingsman all made into feature films, not to mention his strong influence over the worlds of both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Fox's X-Men movies (especially recent hit Logan).

With the Netflix deal, Millar said that only Kick-Ass and Kingsman are not included, implying that the other 12 properties he currently lists as Millarworld comics are all fair game for Netflix adaptation. Of course, this in itself may be a bit tricky. Of those 12, only two have either never been optioned at all or have been confirmed as having the rights revert: Reborn for the former and Wanted for the latter.

Six are (or at least have been) under producer or smaller production studio option, with no major studio or distributor attached, with most announced in 2015 or 2016: MPH, Empress, Huck, Supercrooks, Jupiter's Legacy, and American Jesus. Those shouldn't pose any problems -- Netflix becomes the studio/distributor, and that actually pushes those along nicely.

Nemesis, Superior, and Starlight were all at one time optioned by Fox; Fox ran out of time on Nemesis and WB picked up the rights in 2015. The status of the other two, optioned in 2014 and 2013, respectively, is unknown. Finally, Chrononauts was optioned by Universal in 2015.

Phew. So what does this all mean? Well, it seems that one way or another, Netflix is now in charge of all 12 (they were all shown in Netflix's announcement video above), and that means they're fair game for adaptation. While we're excited about the future prospects of all the above comics getting adapted, here are the five we would like them to get started on immediately.


Super Crooks

Mark Millar and Leinil Francis Yu make a great team, and that was evident in Super Crooks. Published by Icon (Marvel's creator-owned imprint) in 2012, Super Crooks features Johnny Bolt and a cadre of supervillains, most of whom have been out of the spotlight for some time. What followed was a heist story that makes Ocean's Eleven look like amateur hour, with some great twists, turns and supervillain banter. Meticulously plotted and pretty fast-paced (only a four-issue original story), it would make an easy adaptation to a feature-length film.


Jupiter's Legacy / Circle

Jupiter's Legacy from Millar and Frank Quitely (and its prequel spin-off Jupiter's Circle) is a comic that could launch as a feature film, a TV series or both.Legacy centers on Chloe Sampson and her brother Brandon, children of Sheldon Sampson, the Utopian, the premiere superhero of a forgotten age. As celebutantes with superpowers and a legacy to live up to, they're like every E! True Hollywood Story's worst nightmare. When Brandon turns full supervillain, it's up to Chloe to grow up fast and take him down.

Jupiter's Circle, meanwhile, showed how the first generation lived at the height of their Heroic saga, and how things weren't always as golden as a "golden age" might imply.



Mark Millar and Sean Murphy's time-traveling adventure is probably the easiest sell ever for a TV adaptation. It's a buddy adventure comedy with a pair of scientific geniuses who act more like bros than professors who time travel for reality TV and it's one ridiculous disaster after another. After adapting the initial story, you have literally all of time to jump around to continue their adventures. Netflix, make this a TV show immediately, please and thank you.



Here's your all-ages adaptation, probably best suited for feature-length films. With Huck, co-created by Rafael Albuquerque, Millar cited the feel-good and family-friendly adventure movies of the '80s (and even had variant covers done giving direct tribute to them) while developing the comic. A home-grown superhero who uses his powers to do good deeds but wants to stay out of the spotlight, Huck is very much what Superman would be if he never left Smallville. Millar has long said he'd love to have Channing Tatum play the titular role, and we can't help but agree.


American Jesus

Another simple concept, and one of the earliest Millarworld titles, American Jesus tells the story of Jodie Christianson, who turns 12 and is revealed as the second coming of Jesus Christ. Performing miracles only goes so far without being noticed, though, and Jodie is soon pursued by many who would take advantage of him - and a big twist changes the game. This could be a dark supernatural drama, Netflix's big The Walking Dead moment, while dealing with deep themes of religion, nature vs nurture and what it is to be an individual.

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