5 more movies that would be better with Thor in them, part 4

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Sep 28, 2017

It’s Thorsday again and we’re officially at the halfway mark for my Thorty movies that would be better with Thor in them. Not only that, but we’re sliding into the home stretch for Thor: Ragnarok. Woohoo!

Today we’re adding 5 new movies to our already impressive list of 15 and again lobbying for how our favorite Asgardian's presence would improve them. That leaves us 20 more glorious Photoshopped posters dedicated to all that is Thor to go.

16.  The Godfathor


In this gripping, gritty film considered by many to be a true classic, Thor plays Don Vithor Corleone. Desperate to keep the family business afloat without actually involving the family, Vithor is crushed to find out that his brother, Loki, has not only become involved but is thriving. Loki gleefully elevates the level of chaos within the Mafia and, in the process, threatens to topple Vithor’s rule. Vithor tries to keep the Mafia from imploding while also trying to maintain an acceptable public image, but all that is threatened as he’s drawn deeper and deeper into the madness that has become the family business.

17.  The Neverending Thory

never ending thory.jpg

Thor is the benevolent and kind ruler of the world of Fantasia, but things have taken a dark turn as “The Nothing” invades, destroying everything it touches. With no way to save his world, Thor must reach out, using a magical book buried deep within a bookstore, to share his story with a brave outsider. When Bastian, a young local boy, discovers the book, he bridges the distance between the two worlds and is drawn into the story and the fight for Fantasia. (Exquisite puppetry courtesy of Henson Studios.)

18.  Parathormal Activity

parathormal activity.jpg

You would think waking up each and every night to a ghost in your house would be cause for concern, but when that ghost is Thor, the level of fear drops dramatically. While a little startling, Thor is anything but malevolent, and simply spends his time wandering around exploring modern conveniences like light switches and the refrigerator. Stunned by the rising cost of their electric bill and the fact that the lights on all night keep them up, Katie and Micha, the homeowners, set up video cameras to try to capture Thor in the act.

19.  Predathor


Thor plays Dutch, a soldier of fortune, hired by the U.S. government to lead a covert operation to rescue a group of politicians trapped in Guatemala. Things get hairy when Dutch and his team discover they are being hunted by a brutal alien creature with inhuman strength and the ability to turn invisible. Suddenly the hunters become the hunted as it’s man against alien in a deadly game of survival.

20.  Thoraline


While exploring his new home, Thoraline discovers a secret door that leads to an alternate world. Identical to his in every way, but mirrored backward, Thoraline thinks he’s found a better place. Things are wonderful until Thoraline realizes all is not what it seems and that maybe going back to his own world is better. Unfortunately, his Other Mother has other plans and tries to keep Thoraline with her forever. Thoraline must summon his courage and fight to make his way back to his own family.

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