5 new pics give 1st real look at Doctor Who's redesigned Cybermen

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

We've kinda seen what the new Cybermen will look like in the upcoming Doctor Who episode written by Neil Gaiman, thanks to someone's awesome drawing and description. But now we've got the real deal—our first real look of those classic scary Who monsters.

The five new exciting pics taken by healthytowers are fresh off the location set shoot for the season-seven episode "The Last Cyberman," written by American Gods and Sandman author himself Neil Gaiman—who brought us last year's excellent and award-winning Doctor Who episode "The Doctor's Wife."

Have a look at the newly redesigned Cybermen and chime in! Do you like what you see? Are you excited about that new redesign and about "The Last Cybermen"?

(via Doctor Who TV)