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5 of My Hero Academia's most heroic moments

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Aug 5, 2018, 8:25 AM EDT (Updated)

My Hero Academia is, as the title would suggest, rife with some particularly heroic moments. From our first look at a character’s true nature to watching another pull out all the stops for a special attack, we’ve been dazzled by the spectacle, and it’s only going to get cooler from here.

We’ve culled five superpowered moments from the show that deserve some serious applause. They made fans gasp in delight, and still do. Beware, as this article is filled with spoilers, but if you’re all caught up on My Hero Academia, dig right in and celebrate the awesome achievements. Just don’t be surprised if you’re tempted to try and figure out what your unique Quirk is. It’ll be super disappointing if you find out you don’t have one after all.

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My Hero Academia - All Might

All Might's "Reveal"

From the first moment we meet All Might through the eyes of the adoring Izuku Midoriya, he’s a beacon of heroism. His rippling muscles, deep baritone voice and huge stature are certainly something to behold. So imagine our surprise when we realize that, for the first time, it takes a lot of work to hold that form. All Might’s “normal” form is a skinny, lanky blonde guy with so many scars from previous battle he can’t even count them all. He’s getting weaker, and can barely stay in his impressive form, and yet he still saves the day on the regular. Seeing him be this selfless is heartbreaking, especially since we know how much pain he’s really in. All Might really is the greatest hero of all time, especially since he often demonstrates selflessness like this. When he “deflates” in front of Midoriya for the first time, it’s hard not to feel a little bad for the overworked hero.

My Hero Academia - Deku Saves Bakugo

Deku Tries To Save Bakugo

When Bakugo got trapped in the center of a sludge monster, Deku blamed himself for getting his old friend into that predicament. And, even though he thought he wasn't able to help because he didn't have a quirk, that didn't stop him from charging in, backpack and all, to try and rescue the hotheaded young man. Despite the fact that everyone around him tried to get him to stop, Deku ran as fast as his legs could carry him in a bit to free Bakugo from the monster, managing to at least free Bakugo's head. Helplessly Deku ripped at the sludge monster as hard as he could, all the way up until All Might intervened to to save the day. You gotta hand it to the kid, though. That was extremely gutsy. 

My Hero Academia - All Might's Plus Ultra

All Might's First "Plus Ultra" Punch

The ridiculously powerful All Might shocked everyone with how mighty he really was near the end of the show's first season, taking on the enemy Noumu. While it could absorb shock, it proved to be no match for All Might's signature attack, going beyond his full power. In a moment of desperation, he calls out "Go beyond! Plus Ultra!" before unleashing a punch that makes an enormous crater and veritable mincemeat out of his enemy, sending him flying into the stratosphere. Uh, yeah, if it wasn't immediately obvious you don't wanna mess with All Might. 

My Hero Academia - Deku Full Cowl

Deku's One For All Full Cowl

Deku does eventually learn to control the power bestowed on him by All Might, even if it's just bit by bit. He shows off one of his most powerful modes, expressing his "Full Cowl" technique for the first time ever during a matchup with Gran Torino. The result is one of Deku's finest moments as he realizes what he can actually do with One for All in the end. And while it's only basically 5% of his full power, it's still ridiculously impressive. 

My Hero Academia - Deku Saves Uraraka

Deku Saves Uraraka

During one of his first moments at U.A. while taking part in a mock battle as an "entrance exam" of sorts, Deku pulls off a move that sets him apart from the rest of the pack. When things seem hopeless for his friend, who's going to face certain injury or even death if he doesn't interfere, Deku does and ultimately he doesn't get enough points to proceed. However, his heroism wins him the support of his classmates and cements him as more of a hero in the eyes of the others. It also proves what kind of person Deku is: selfless to the very core.

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