Dragon Ball Z - Piccolo's Driving Outfit

5 of the worst fashion choices in Dragon Ball Z and Super

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Aug 25, 2018, 8:38 PM EDT (Updated)

The Z Fighters may be the strongest fighters in the entire universe (at least, this one) but that doesn't mean they make any sort of smart fashion decisions. In fact, they're guilty of doing just the opposite. How many times have you been sitting and watching your favorite Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super episodes, only to find that the crew is clad in some terrible-looking outfits that need to be rectified by the Fashion Police immediately? The answer to that question is likely more than you can count.

Let's face it, gang. The squad needs some help fixing their wardrobes. Just look at some of their worst transgressions over the years. Be forewarned: these are particularly awful. Here are five of your favorite Dragon Ball characters' worst fashion moves yet. Get ready for an intervention. 

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Dragon Ball Z - Vegeta's Pink Shirt

Vegeta's pink "Bad Man" shirt

Out of all the Z Fighters, Vegeta is the last one we ever thought we'd catch dead wearing a pink button-up shirt. But it's not just the color that we're appalled by — it's the black writing on the back: "BAD MAN." Yes, Vegeta wore a pink shirt with "BAD MAN" on the back with mustard yellow pants. This was an outfit he was allowed to get by with as the Prince of All Saiyans. We all know Bulma couldn't dress herself if her life depended on it, so this is probably her doing. Everyone knows her wardrobe is overflowing with awful. Vegeta doesn't know any better, considering he's only ever worn spandex and body armor, so we can forgive him this one, but it's still absolutely awful. 

Dragon Ball Z- Yamcha's Yellow Suit

Yamcha's yellow leisure suit

Leisure Suit Yamcha, eh? That's what we had to call Bulma's ex when he showed up wearing a light yellow leisure suit with a white undershirt beneath the jacket. There are absolutely no redeeming qualities about this outfit, other than the fact that it looks slightly dressy and could potentially take you from a business meeting to a dinner out somewhere. But looking like this is probably why Yamcha's always single, and Bulma dumped him long ago for a total upgrade. What were you thinking, Yamcha? Why are your clothes as bad as your fighting ability?

Dragon Ball Super - Goku and Vegeta Cold Weather

Goku and Vegeta's cold-weather gear

The upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie introduces some new outfits for Goku and Vegeta, but they're just as bad as the rest of the show in terms of fashion don'ts. These egregious examples of activewear look so out of place with the pair's other outfits, especially while out in the cold. Couldn't they just use ki to keep themselves warm, anyway? What business do Saiyans have with Earthling wear? This is not a great look for either character, and Vegeta's not a lime-green kind of guy. Please reconsider. This is not OK. 

Dragon Ball Z - Bulma's White Outfit

Bulma's white coat and blue tube top

Bulma is a gorgeous young girl, but she dresses like a middle-aged outcast who wants to speak to the manager of every restaurant. You wouldn't know that she's supposed to be "attractive" or fun based on the way she's dressed for this visit to the Kame House. What is this huge white jacket and matching shorts with a terrible blue tank top? What is wrong with you, Bulma? What possessed you to leave the house looking like that?


Goku and Piccolo's driving outfits

Piccolo and Goku head out one day to get their drivers' licenses for some reason, and decide to dress in some of the worst fashion abominations ever donned. Goku is in a red Hawaiian-type shirt, but Piccolo decides that a bright yellow top with purple trim and the word "POSTBOY" is the ideal outfit for the situation. There's no coming back from this one, folks, especially for a Namekian who typically dresses in his weighted training garb. These clothes are a real problem. A pox on everything the two heroes stand for. And yet, they were allowed to appear in the real world wearing them. Truly a shame, and a tragedy. Luckily, we only ever had to see these duds in one episode. We wouldn't have been able to handle any more. 

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