5 official new photos from Priest promise kick-ass vampire-killing

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

That first official photo of Paul Bettany in Priest last month got us hungry for more—almost as hungry as the film's vampires, who've been waging a war against humans for centuries. Now, we've GOT more. And things are looking GOOD. (For us, at least, though not necessarily for the movie's characters.)

slashfilm managed to get hold of five new photos from director Scott Stewart's Priest, based on the TokyoPop comic book. Check them out below.

Bettany, whom we last saw (well, not "saw," exactly) as the voice of Jarvis in Iron Man 2, will star as a warrior priest who defies the church to track down a band of vampires who've taken his niece.

Priest is scheduled to open May 13, 2011.

(via cinemablend)