5 reasons it's time for Supernatural to finally cross over with the Arrowverse

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Apr 2, 2018, 5:30 PM EDT

As I'm writing this, the least unlikely scenario has occurred — all of the Arrowverse shows (even satellite show Black Lightning) have been renewed by The CW. And returning for its 14th season? Supernatural. Saving people, hunting things... the television business.

And, folks, I know this is a little bit of fan fiction in action, but it's time. Supernatural needs to cross over with the Arrowverse.

It's actually a little shocking that it hasn't happened already. Here are 5 reasons it would be crazy not to do this (admittedly also crazy) thing. I know. This is very Buzzfeed circa 2010, but sue me — I have 5 rock-solid reasons for this and, gosh darn it, I'm gonna share 'em with the world!


Supernatural literally just crossed over with another show and it was dope — In case you had not heard, there was recently an episode of Supernatural called "Scoobynatural," in which the brothers Winchester (and their be-trench-coated sexy Angel sidekick Castiel) got pulled into a TV, became cartoon versions of themselves, and then met Scooby, Shaggy, Velma, Daphne, and Fred before drag racing with the Mystery Machine, fighting ghosts, wearing friggin' ascots, and saving the day from evil realtors who are up to no good.

It was easily one of the best episodes in Supernatural's storied 13-year history. "Scoobynatural" is a perfect marriage of the two, a kid-friendly stoner dog show and the blood-and-guts show starring handsome crying boys. And that, despite the two shows' similarities, is not the easiest thing to do.

It also, from a corporate synergy standpoint, was good for business. "Scoobynatural" racked up 2 million viewers over the course of the hourlong episode, which scored a 0.7 rating in adults 18-49. That's about 20 percent better than Supernatural usually performs. And that ain't bad. Fans are happy; dudes in suits counting money are happy. Win-win.

If Sam and Dean can successfully get animated on a show that isn't even part of The CW network, it stands to reason they'd be at least as successful chilling out with that dude with the arrows, the fastest man alive, a nice, flying lady, and a bunch of idiots traveling through time.

Supernatural has been insanely meta for years — As far back as Season 2, Supernatural has played up its own self-awareness. Sam and Dean are no Deadpool or She-Hulk, but they have worked on movie sets where jokes about Gilmore Girls (which Sam Winchester actor Jared Padalecki used to work on) have been made. They've had books in-universe based on their own lives, attended conventions where Supernatural book fans cosplay and LARP the brothers' very real (in-world) adventures, and have even wound up on a parallel Earth where Supernatural is a TV show starring Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.

While it's not particularly meta, the 13th season of Supernatural has played heavily into the whole parallel-world thing, visiting not one, but TWO. You know... in addition to chilling with Scooby and the gang. We'll come back to why parallel universes are relevant a little later.

Dean Winchester is into DC comics — All the way back in Season 3, there was an episode called "Bad Day at Black Rock," in which the boys come into contact with a lucky rabbit's foot. While you have the foot, you can do basically anything. And when Dean pulls off an insane move incapacitating all his enemies (including Sterling K. Brown pre-This Is Us!), he quips, "I'm Batman!"

Fun fact: Dean Winchester himself, Jensen Ackles, also voiced Jason Todd (aka Robin II, aka the Red Hood) in 2010's Batman: Under the Red Hood.

Now, Batman may be on another network ('sup, Fox), but it's not out of the realm of possibility to assume the Winchester boys are familiar with more than just Bruce Wayne. And a chance for them to meet up with The CW's Batman stand-in — resident rich guy with a bone to pick Oliver Queen — would either be very cool for the Winchesters... or a huge disappointment to them. Either way, it would be hilarious.

The Flash made multiverses the gold standard of the Arrowverse — Since Supergirl moved to The CW, it became a necessity for there to be AT LEAST two Earths within the Arrowverse. Kara Danvers couldn't just appear out of thin air after moving networks, so the show had to get creative and put her on a different Earth (Earth 38, to be specific) from the other Arrowverse characters. And that doesn't even account for all the other universes where who knows how many other Flashes and Harry Wells and cities full of gorillas, etc., there are. Heck, they've even, on the sly, alluded to a parallel Earth that could bring in the Green Lantern Corps.

And, I don't know if you have noticed, but the big Arrowverse crossovers always involve at least one bit of universe-hopping. So what's one more universe between CW friends?


The Arrowverse is already supernatural — Just because there hasn't been a capital "S" Supernatural event yet in the Arrowverse doesn't mean those characters haven't been dealing with the supernatural for a while now. Ra's al Ghul, Damien Darhk, and, next year, Constantine himself will become a regular on Legends of Tomorrow. And if there's a character who is basically an amalgam of most cool things Supernatural and DC Comics, it's Constantine.

All of that is to say, it's not like there's anything weird about the idea of vampires, werewolves, demons, angels, and wendigos for the Arrowverse at this point. These shows deal in parallel worlds, supernatural stuff, sexy guys in trench coats, dudes talking in gravelly voices, and none of them gets to meet Batman. But they can meet each other. And they should. Next time the Arrowverse does a crossover event, the Winchesters should be there. It's time.*

*I would also accept a Supernatural/Riverdale crossover.