5 spooky female game characters with a penchant for darkness

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Nov 11, 2018, 4:31 PM EST (Updated)

There’s nothing wrong with walking on the dark side of life. Whether you’re into spooky films, creepy costumes, or even things like magic and witchcraft, some of us like to peer into the darkness from time to time. It’s the same way with some of our favorite video game women.

From actual witches like Dragon Age: Origins’  Morrigan to vamps like BloodRayne (who star in their own games), these are the female game characters who take pleasure in the darker things in life. And if you’re still feeling the Halloween spirit, you’ll probably want to jump in right after them.

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Bayonetta (Bayonetta)

This Umbra Witch uses her special powers to fight against the bizarre, angel-like hordes of enemies from the world of Paradiso and looks fabulous while doing it. Utilizing abilities known as Bullet Arts, her Left Eye (part of a set called The Eyes of the World) was introduced as an ability for her to control the darkness. Though a witch herself, she routinely fights against demonic fiends masquerading as holy rollers, demonstrating a fondness for black leather, vampy makeup, and powerful supernatural abilities. Just don’t let her get you tangled up in your hair. She’ll call forth a demonic hair monster that can wreck your life if you’re not careful. With two games under her belt, there's a Bayonetta 3 still on the horizon, too. So if you fall in love with this witch and find yourself smitten, know there's some totally awesome Switch goodness for you on the way.


Rayne (BloodRayne)

Rayne the vampire is a heroine in our eyes, a veritable Nazi-slaying machine. Though technically she’s a dhampir, or half-human, half-vampire, she’s a kickass vampire slayer who works for the Brimstone Society, whose ultimate goal is to rid the world of them once and for all. Caught up with the internal struggle between actually being a vampire herself and slaying them, Rayne is on a hunt for her father, and she won’t let any of the bloodsuckers get in the way of her goal. Her sultry, vampy style and attitude make her one of the coolest women who aren’t afraid to explore the darkness, even if her outfits skew more on the Hot Topic side in the earlier BloodRayne titles. 


Ashley (WarioWare, Inc.)

This young witch has a theme song about how creepy she is, which literally mentions that she’ll cast a hex on you if you don’t watch out. She “knows the darkest spells and brews the meanest potions,” and lives in a haunted mansion. If this 15-year-old girl can handle all this and you’re still afraid to walk down the hall at night without the dim glow of your smartphone, what are you doing with your life? This kooky little witchling is definitely one to watch out for, especially because she turned her teacher into a spoon. We’d say that’s a qualification for being dark, wouldn’t you? Her most recent appearance in WarioWare: Gold further cemented her status as "goth girl" as well, and with her monotone voice, cute minions, and hilarious escapades, she'll forever remain a staple for all the spooky baes out there. 


Morrigan (Dragon Age: Origins)

Daughter of Flemeth, the legendary Witch of the Wilds, Morrigan is a powerful sorceress who can cast devastating spells on her enemies. Her sarcasm and dry wit, not to mention her killer sense of style, have made her a favorite among fans of the series, and her dalliances with magic make her an integral part of the game. She’s also a shapeshifter, which adds another interesting dimension to her character, as she distrusts most of humankind, an ideal instilled in her by her mother. Devilishly charming and yet vulnerable in an endearing way, Morrigan has a gothic sensibility about her that makes her perfect for anyone who can appreciate the darker things in life. 


Sarah Kerrigan, Queen of Blades (StarCraft)

The Queen of Blades, formerly Sarah Kerrigan in the StarCraft universe, was originally infested by an alien race known as the Zerg. This signaled an abrupt alteration in her appearance, as she took on the look of an insect-like villainess to reflect her new status as the leader of the Zerg. As one of the race’s most powerful beings, she controls the Zerg in a bid to take over the galaxy. As such, she lives her life in evil and darkness, explored in the StarCraft games. Failing that, she’s been voted as one of the greatest gaming villains of all time a few times over. How’s that for dark?