5 Things We Learned Saturday at Wizard World Comic Con Chicago

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Aug 24, 2016, 7:42 PM EDT (Updated)

Saturday's panels at Wizard World Comic Con Chicago were headlined by reunions with the casts of Back to the Future and The X-Files. In case you missed it, here's what went down.

1. Michael J. Fox is Aware of Your Weird Theories About Doc and Marty

Back to the Future fans speculated for years how the unlikely pair of fringe scientist Doc Brown and high school student Marty McFly wound up as friends until writer Bob Gale cleared up the issue in 2012. But actors Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox had apparently never discussed their characters’ origins until they were asked about it at Saturday's BTTF reunion panel. “I assumed you were a teacher who mentored me in some way,” Fox said to Lloyd. “You can go to a dark place with it, but I don’t want to go there.”

Lloyd seemed more familiar with Gale’s canonical answer and suggested Marty was curious about all of Doc’s inventions. “Maybe he met him at a Radio Shack,” Fox said.

2. Lea Thompson Has the Marlene McFly Wig

While discussing the difficult logistics of filming the 2015 McFly family pizza dinner scene in Back to the Future Part 2, Thompson mentioned she took home the wig Fox wore to play Marty’s teenage daughter Marlene. “I wish I’d stolen more stuff,” said Fox. “If I had that red guitar [from the Johnny B. Goode scene], it would have been great.”

3. Michael J. Fox Would Like to See a Female Marty

A pre-recorded message from Bob Gale shown during the panel reiterated (to the crowd’s approval) that there will never be another Back to the Future sequel, remake, or reboot. That didn't stop one fan from asking the cast who they would like to see play their roles if there was a reboot. Panel host Michael Klastorin, who was the original publicist for Part 2 and Part 3, tried to pass on the question, but Fox jumped in anyway.

“If they were going to do this movie again, I think Marty could be a girl,” Fox said.

4. Rose McIver Just Wants to Know What Really Happened in ‘Serial’

Asked whose brains the iZombie star would eat to gain their memories if she had the choice, McIver said, “Has anyone here listened to Serial? Adnan. I want to eat Adnan’s brain so bad.” She added that as a zombie she’d also gobble down the brains of Making a Murderer subject Steven Avery. “I want to be able to give people an honest account of what actually happened,” McIver said.

5. The Cigarette Smoking Man Almost Water-Skied

Best known for playing the enigmatic Cigarette Smoking Man in The X-Files, actor William B. Davis is also an elite water-skier who has held several Canadian stunt records in the “masters” age group. At a panel that also included Gillian Anderson and Mitch Pileggi, David Duchovny mentioned that X-Files creator Chris Carter had been working on a never-filmed scene where CSM would ski up onto the beach, step out of the skis, and take a drag from a cigarette. “That would have been the best damn scene!” Duchovny said.

“The other writers, [Carter] said, talked him out of it,” Davis said.


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