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5 things we'd like to see in Mario Kart Tour

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Feb 4, 2018, 12:56 PM EST

Nintendo is releasing another addition to its cadre of mobile games, and this time around we’re getting another Mario-centric entry to stand among Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes, and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. The next game will be a part of the immensely popular Mario Kart franchise, and it’s called Mario Kart Tour. The smartphone entry of the  amazing Mario racing series is projected for release in the fiscal year ending in March 2019, which is about a year away, so that means plenty of time to think about all the things we’d love to see implemented in the game. 

To make the best possible Mario Kart mobile title, Nintendo should certainly consider featuring all five of these things. It’s only fair that our requests be taken in mind, as penance for creating the Spiny Shell. That thing's wrecked so many friendship we've lost count.

Check out our picks and let us know what you think in the comments below. 

Mario Kart - Mario Kart Characters

A large selection of characters

This may seem like an obvious ask, but part of the fun of Mario Kart is selecting the best character for you, then customizing your kart before hitting the track. No one wants to be stuck as a Shy Guy like you were relegated to when playing as a guest via Download Play back in the original Mario Kart DS days. Offering up a decent selection of characters at the onset and not locking them behind a paywall would be the best way to ensure players of all stripes could get their Mario Kart on. Plus, that would mean you could just have players buy the really awesome characters later — Bayonetta, perhaps? Please

Mario Kart - Rainbow Road

A reworked Rainbow Road

It should go without saying, but any Mario Kart iteration merits the inclusion of the infamous Rainbow Road track. It’s most likely going to be included somehow in the game without us having to ask, but just in case: Nintendo, don’t sleep on this. The rainbow-hued surfaces, lack of railings, weird obstacles, and overall bizarre atmosphere of Rainbow Road would look so amazing on a smartphone, so make a new Rainbow Road and make it trippy. That’s what we really want. Make it happen. 

Mario Kart - R.O.B.

Bring back R.O.B.

Our favorite little robotic operating buddy made his first and only appearance in Mario Kart DS as an unlockable “kart” character, and it’s absolutely adorable. If you ever actually owned one of the cool little peripherals, you no doubt appreciated the Easter egg, and while the R.O.B. kart wasn’t especially useful for drifting, it still made a great addition to the game and R.O.B. deserves another shot at life in a Mario Kart game. It’s about time. 

Mario Kart - Wii Steering

Controller support

Let’s face it: Most onscreen mobile touch controls are awful. You can get by with them, but sometimes it feels way better to have a tangible controller, especially for racing games. If Nintendo doesn’t decide to opt for an “always accelerating” experience like Super Mario Run eliminated the need to move forward with controls, then support for MFi controllers would be appreciated, or the release of a cute little Bluetooth steering wheel to make the experience authentic would be pretty cool. That, or some decent onscreen controls that don't make drifting (or playing in general) feel like a slog. Smartphone racers already have this, so let's make sure it gets nailed in Mario Kart Tour.

Mario Kart - Classic Group

A story mode

It's time. Let's bring a story mode to Mario Kart for those who want to work their way through tracks and various cups one by one rather than play online, multiplayer-only matches. A few short scenes and fun story-related segments couldn't take long to put together, and it would add value to the game beyond artificially adding it by way of gashapon elements -- much like Fire Emblem Heroes. There are tons of ways Nintendo could go with this, but some cute "episodes" would be an interesting addition to the series, in tandem with Arcade, Online, and Offline multiplayer modes. Just a thought!