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5 things we'll miss most about Orphan Black

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:27 AM EDT (Updated)

Orphan Black ends its five-season run this Saturday with a series finale that's sure to have people talking for weeks. From its inception, the show has challenged us, made us laugh, made us cry, blown our minds, and given us a family that's embraced its fans with a full heart and open arms.

While the show may be wrapping up, Clone Club is here to stay and, as a member, I thought I'd share the five things I'll miss most about Orphan Black

Disclaimer: This list was almost "Tatiana Maslany" five times, but we all know how brilliant she is, so I took that as a given and made the list accordingly.

1) Multiple Clone Magic

Between the amazing Four Clone Dance Party to the family dinner at the end of Season 3, seeing the mix of special effects, camera trickery, and acting behind these scenes blows my mind. It all started in a tiny soccer field equipment shack and pushed the boundaries of what was possible whenever possible.


2) Clone Swapping, aka Clones Playing Clones

Sarah pretending to be Rachel, Helena as Beth, Sarah as Alison, Alison as Sarah, Sarah as Krystal, Cosima as Rachel, Sarah as Katja, and let's not forget the killer Helena as Allison –– any time one clone plays another clone, you're in for a good time.


3) The Clone Club extended family

Felix, Mrs. S, Kira, Donnie, and Scott all make the show and story so much richer. Jordan Gavaris, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Kevin Hanchard, and Kristian Bruun are all treasures both in character and out, and it's going to be hard not having them around each week.

Maybe a spinoff?

Special shout out to Pupok the Scorpion.


4) Cophine

Even death can't keep Cosima and Delphine apart. Their relationship has meant so much to fans over the years, and we loved seeing two incredibly smart, caring, capable, and sensual women together in all their multi-faceted glory.

The relationship is also important because it's one of the strongest representations of LGBTQ characters on television.


5) Hilarious Moments

Bloopers, strange foods, bizarre situations –– with a cast this talented and subject matter this serious, sometimes you need a little levity. Luckily for us, Orphan Black never forgets how much we can all use a good laugh –– even when they forget their lines.


Of course, no list is ever going to completely cover all the things fans love about Orphan Black, so feel free to tell us your Top 5 moments of the series, and get ready for the series finale this Saturday on BBC America.