5 times The Goldbergs paid homage to '80s sci-fi

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May 20, 2016
For a generation of sci-fi fans, it all began in those halcyon days of the 1980s, when Spielberg and Lucas reigned supreme at the box office.
Adam F. Goldberg knows that time well, and as the creator of the aptly titled ABC sitcom The Goldbergs, he has been mining those '80s geek memories for three seasons.

“The way I relate to the world is through movies and geek culture," he said.

The Goldbergs tells the mostly true story of Goldberg's family, growing up in suburban Pennyslvania in 1980-something. References to favorite 1980s science fiction and cartoons are sprinkled throughout.

Teen actor Sean Giambrone plays young Adam Goldberg, a kid obsessed with capturing his family life and re-creating his favorite science fiction movies on a camcorder (Patton Oswalt stands in for the adult Goldberg, reminiscing about the old days).

"In terms of the main character being the kid obsessed with Steven Spielberg and George Lucas and comic books, and the kid that has a camcorder and makes movies -- you can see it in my office that is packed with Star Wars [memorabilia] – that is the point of view of the show," he said.

“I’m not going out of my way to put these things on the show, these are how I view the world. That’s why the show goes back to these things so much is because that’s how I relate to the world.”

Goldberg also noted how so much from the 1980s is now ground zero for blockbuster movies of the past few years.

"The movies and TV my friends and I were into, all of that is being remade: Transformers, Star Wars, the Muppets [went back to movies and] TV, TRON, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles."

Even if you didn't grow up as an '80s sci-fi geek, Goldberg's firsthand knowledge shows you just what it was like in often hilarious detail  (And those of us who were there can attest to this).

Following last Wednesday's Season 3 finale, here are five of the best moments of 1980s sci-fi nostalgia from the show's first three seasons:

Camping out for Star Wars

When Adam gets word that Return of the Jedi is premiering at the local theater, he has to make the pilgrimage to camp out with his fellow fans, even if he has to drag big sister Erica along with him.

Adam even encounters some impressive cosplay of a man dressed as Hoth Luke Skywalker, complete with tauntaun (Thomas Lennon, The Odd Couple).