50 filmmakers worked together to make this full, fan-made version of the original Robocop

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Feb 7, 2014, 2:39 PM EST

Coming soon to an Internet near you, it's...Everyone Says I Love Remaking Robocop!

some people are really mad that Robocop has gotten a more modern retelling, but most people will also probably see it anyway. Unless, of course, there were some sort of remake alternative.

Well, now there is. A group of 50 filmmakers broke up the original film and remade it their own way, calling it Our Robocop Remake. No, it's not even close to being line-for-line, but it's still a hilarious and bizarre lovesong to Paul Verhoeven’s 1987 classic. Be aware, this version would get more than a hard R rating. So it's NSFW. At all.

Our RoboCop Remake - (Full Movie) from DaveAOK on Vimeo.

The creators make no effort to conceal their feelings for the actual remake, writing, "As big fans of the original RoboCop, and as filmmakers and film fans admittedly rolling our eyes at the Hollywood remake machine, we’ve elected to do this remake thing our own way."

And that way involves puppets, choreographed dance numbers, many styles of animation, babies, and one scene involving Robocop shooting countless guys in their sensitive areas that made me actually nauseous.

It's a full length film, but it's so oddly mesmerizing you may lose two hours of your life to it.

On the plus side, you might genuinely wind up liking this better than the actual remake. It's certainly evident it was made by a huge crew of people who adore the original.

(via Uproxx)