50 researchers head to Siberia for 60-day expedition hunting UFOs

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Dec 17, 2012

It seems like most UFO sightings are pure dumb luck, but for some alien enthusiasts that's not good enough. Just take these 50 UFO hunters, who've signed up for a two-month trek into Russia to hunt down visitors from another world.

Calling themselves the "Trans-Eurasian UFO-Search Expedition," the group kicked off their cross-country search last month near the Sea of Japan, and they'll keep heading west, camping out along the way, until they finish the journey next month in Moscow. Their mission: pinpoint historic UFO hot spots, set up their gear and see what they can find.

Most recently, the group stopped at Lake Baikal in southern Siberia, which is not only the deepest and oldest freshwater lake on Earth, but also apparently a hub for UFO activity.

"Here in 1958, there was a TU-154 airplane crash. There were some reports from the locals that a UFO pursued the aircraft until it reached Baikal waters right here," expedition member Vladimir Kuznetsov said. "And there were frequent reports of UFO activity around Baikal. This is the reason why we decided to meet here. I hope that we will be lucky enough to shoot something interesting,"

Among the gear the group has taken along to detect extraterrestrial cruisers is a gadget known as a "universal abnormal activity detector," which is apparently exactly what it sounds like.

"[With this device], we can monitor the sky, the objects there, and can estimate them depending on the levels of the indicators," Kuznetsov said.

So after a few weeks of searching, have they made any progress? The expedition says yes, and claims they even got it on tape.

"At first the object did not move, but it had a peculiar glow, flashing with different colors -- blue, red, yellow, green -- and a few minutes afterwards, the object began to move chaotically, not like a helicopter or a plane or any other terrestrial machine which can fly," expedition member Andrey Chernobrov said.

We don't know when we might get to see the fruits of the expedition, but of course we're looking forward to seeing what two months of nonstop UFO tracking can get you.

Check out a news report on the expedition right here.

(Via Huffington Post)

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