A 57-year-old man just dove 25 miles from near-space, shattering a world record

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Oct 27, 2014

As you might remember, daredevil Felix Baumgartner jumped from more than 24 miles up a few years ago while wearing a GoPro (in what might be one of the coolest videos ever). That was awesome, but Google vice president Alan Eustace decided he could do better — and went almost a mile higher to do the same thing.

Eustace teamed up with the Paragon space exploration company to pull off the record-breaking leap, and he wore a specially designed space suit to protect him from the insanely high altitudes. He spent two hours climbing in a balloon, then just hung out for half an hour enjoying the view. Once he let go, Eustace broke the speed of sound in just 90 seconds. 

Sadly, no GoPro-style footage has been released from Eustace’s jump just yet. But we can marvel as these awesome pics of the jump in action.

(Via Popular Science)