5 amazing Star Wars paper snowflakes (and how to make your own)

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Dec 16, 2012

It's that snowy time of the year, and for some, that means it's an excuse to whip out the paper and scissors and make ourselves some paper snowflakes. And for fanboys who happen to be talented artists, it's a great excuse to make Star Wars-themed paper snowflakes.

Remember Anthony Herrera? He was the geek dad who inserted Ewoks into family photos to impress his children. Now he's back with some fabulous papercraft designs of some of our favorite Star Wars characters.

On his blog, Herrera wrote:

I created a few designs based off of characters that I liked or thought would have a cool look as a snowflake. I recommend getting a very sharp x-acto knife for the inner details.

We have the images for you, below. We particularly adore the Imperial logo within the stormtrooper design, as well as the Rebel Alliance logo within the Yoda.

If you want to do it yourself, visit his website, download the diagrams for each of the characters and follow the simple pattern. Oh, did we say "simple"? What we mean is, "What we want for the holidays is better hand-eye coordination."