5 major spoilers about Battlestar Galactica: The Plan

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Battlestar Galactica: The Plan promises to show us how the Cylons planned to eradicate humanity and ultimately failed to stomp out the last bits of resistance. The film looks at all the major events from the TV show that involved Cylons, but this time we get to see things from the toaster point of view.

Edward James Olmos, who plays William Adama in the series, directed The Plan. We talked to him the other day and he explained The Plan with some spoilers, but the big stuff is still to come for viewers. Battlestar Galactica: The Plan is available Oct. 27 on DVD and Blu-ray. Syfy will air an edited version in 2010.

See "33" and "Water" in a whole new light

The Plan takes cornerstone moments in the series and shows the Cylons operating behind the scenes. You'll see Boomer before and after her treacherous assignments in the episode "Water." The new footage blends in seamlessly with footage from season one.

"Most of that footage is new, but it feels like it was shot and that you've seen it before," Olmos said. "That's because we duplicated a lot of the situation and re-shot a lot of it. That had to feel as fresh as the stuff that was shot five years before. So it became a real issue and was brilliantly orchestrated by all the departments and all the actors."

Meet new characters who didn't take the spotlight in the series

The Plan also has the opportunity to weave new characters into the existing narrative. You'll see Cavil bond with a little boy named John, culminating in a shocking demonstration of Cavil's lack of humanity. The mechanic named Giana (Lymari Nadal, Olmos' real life wife), who only appeared briefly in the miniseries, gets her chance to work with series regulars in a storyline from The Plan.

"In the scene with the chief in the storeroom when he comes in and meets the new knuckle-dragger, Giana, in walks Boomer and they have a little relationship, a triangle right there that happens," Olmos revealed.

See other cities destroyed

You got to see Caprica City wiped out in the Cylon attack the first time around. Now that they're going back, they've also thrown in some more destruction of cities like Picon in all-new visual effects spectacles.

"Oh man, the destruction of those places," Olmos marveled. "To me, that first half hour is worth its weight in gold. It really puts the onus on exactly what went down, something that we imagined but we never thought we'd see. I wanted to go deeper, but we just couldn't. We didn't have the financial ability to do so."

Cylons in love?

Well, you wondered what could possibly stand in the way of the Cylons' perfect plan to destroy humanity. It's the same thing that makes all of us screw up.

"What stopped that is one single human emotion that prevailed itself inside of the Giana/Simon story," Olmos said. "Love came in, and really no one, no machine, no human was ready for what happened. Love actually changed the course of what would have been the annihilation of both the human species and the termination of the Cylons also."

See more on the DVD than on TV

The DVD and Blu-ray release of The Plan runs one hour and 52 minutes. The TV broadcast will be cut to fill a two-hour time slot with commercials. Also, they can't show topless bartenders and communal showers on basic cable.

"I'm very grateful that they're releasing it in its entirety uncut, the director's cut with all of the reality that we shot, because in the television movie, they're going to show only 88 minutes. That's a big difference."