5 new clips provide further proof Tintin is the next Indiana Jones

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Dec 15, 2012

Attention Americans: if you don't see these clips for The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, you won't know what you're missing. Based on the Belgian comic book, Tintin is beloved by fans all over the world ... including the Dalai Lama, who gave it the "Light of Truth" award.

According to Wikipedia, "The series is one of the most popular European comics of the 20th century, with translations published in more than 80 languages and more than 350 million copies of the books sold to date."

The Adventures of Tintin is about a young reporter and his travels, and from these clips, it seems as if the movie has perfectly captured the adventurous spirit of the comic book. In them, Tintin is brave and clever, and Tintin's dog Snowy is adorably resourceful.

The movie is directed by Steven Spielberg and produced by Peter Jackson. The voice cast includes Andy Serkis, Cary Elwes, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Daniel Craig. What's not to love?

But we don't really need to talk it up when you can just check out these five clips for yourself.

(via SFX)