5 sci-fi blockbusters reimagined as old school game cartridges

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Dec 15, 2012

Vintage videogames are always fun, and sometimes they're more fun when the graphics are astonishingly bad. In that spirit, Penney Design has taken the concepts behind several modern sci-fi blockbusters and reimagined them as Cartridge Video System (CVS) adaptations from the '70s and '80s.

Remember the really crappy videogame cartridge adaptations of hit movies (the most infamous is, of course, the E.T. game that had to be buried in the desert because it sold so poorly)? Well, what if the same idea were applied to modern flicks with mind-blowing special effects and huge box-office grosses? The designers explain:

"There's a rather long history of lackluster video game tie-ins (1982's E.T for example) that were clearly rushed, sharing very little of the storyline, look and behaviour of their respective films. This inspired a series of late '70s and '80s computer game boxes with modern themes, keeping only the bare minimum information."

Penney Design whipped up a host of ideas for the project, but among the standouts are the sci-fi hits like Avatar, The Dark Knight, Wall-E, Inception and Cloverfield.

The boxes are a cool idea, but it's almost a shame that the actual games will never get made. Who wouldn't want to navigate an 8-bit version of Leonardo DiCaprio's dreams or battle Heath Ledger's joker in a Gotham City that's little more than a cluster of blocky gray shapes?

(via Geek Tyrant)

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