5th Who would be 'surprised' if old Doctors returned for the 50th

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Dec 15, 2012

In 2013, Doctor Who will be celebrating its 50th anniversary, and we've always assumed that the big celebration would include as many former Time Lords from the past as showrunner Steven Moffat could possibly fit into the Big Blue Police Box. But one of those former Doctors doesn't think that's gonna happen.

Current Doctor Matt Smith has previously stated that he wanted to bring back as many Doctors as was possible for the sci-fi series' big 50th anniversary. But Peter Davison, who played the celery-wearing Fifth Doctor (and, as it also happens, is about to become the future daddy-in-law of former 10th Doctor David Tennant) is not so sure about that.

This is what Davison revealed to BANG Showbiz:

"I feel no need to turn my back on it, but I don't feel like it's the kind of thing they'd do. I'd be very surprised if they tried to do anything involving the old Doctors because it always takes a slight stretch of the imagination anyway to figure out why the previous Doctors look older, but I'm sure that can be done.

"But at the same time I'm not sort of longing on it. I'm perfectly happy to have played my part to go back to 'Time Crash'. I don't feel like I'm hanging on a phone call from the Doctor Who offices saying let's do something special."

Davison's not dismissing the idea of stepping back in the TARDIS once again, but he says he'd be surprised if it did happen.

Then the actor says:

"Unfortunately, there are less and less Doctors around to bring back. Maybe I can be in it without never having do any work and just turn up so they can take my image. Maybe the characters can into a computer and become animations—that would be good. It could be like Doctor Who and The Simpsons or something."

We already know that Smith's predecessor, David Tennant, is really keen to return to the series for the big anniversary. On the other hand,bChristopher Eccleston, who played Time Lord number nine, has stated many times that he didn't want to return to the role—thus throwing a big spanner on whatever plans Moffat may have had (or still has) of bringing all the old Doctors back into the TARDIS.

(Moffat could still work his way around that. After all, they did work around Tom Baker's refusal to return for the show's 25th anniversary, ''The Five Doctors,'' back in 1983.)

We also know that Steven Moffat and the BBC have BIG plans for the anniversary. So it's bound to be something mind-blowingly spectacular, right? And what's more spectacular than having a whole bunch of former Doctors running around the TARDIS and stepping over each other's toes?

Still, Davison has a point about the former Doctors who are still around today. They're not getting any younger, and most of them are not in the shape they used to be way back when. Moffat and company would have to explain how they got so old, or they would have to use extensive CGI à la X-Men 3—which would not be a cost-viable option for the BBC at the moment (unless the BBC, who made all those massive and painful budget cuts, still planned on putting a buttload of money into its flagship series' big birthday bash).

Which, in turn, possibly leaves the door open only for the Eighth Doctor, played by Paul McGann, to return alongside Doctors Ten and Eleven. And while we're convinced that many of you, like us, would like Moffat to finally tackle that often-talked-about-but-never-seen Time War, we bet the likely scenario Moffat will go with for the 50th-anniversary special will be the taunted Fall of the 11th at the Fields of Trenzalore when the first question will await him. A question that was in our faces for almost 50 years now: Doctor Who? (''The Wedding of River Song'')

(And with all that ''Falling of the 11th'' stuff and Matt Smith's tenure as the 11th Doctor perhaps coming to an end sooner rather than later, the 50th anniversary may also serve to introduce us to Doctor number 12.)

What do you guys think? Do you believe, like Peter Davison, that the return of former Doctors for the show's 50th anniversary is unlikely? What do you think the possible scenario (s) could be?

(via Doctor Who TV)

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