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6 characters we would love to see explored on Stargate Origins

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Feb 21, 2018, 8:55 PM EST

With the launch of Stargate Origins, fans are finally learning more about Dr. Catherine Langford, a key figure in Stargate history who was never explored in too much detail in the original movie (1994) or its subsequent TV shows. It’s great to see the character finally take the spotlight in Origins — and it has us thinking about what other characters would be fun to explore in the series.

After all, the Stargate universe is filled with characters that have led interesting lives and seen plenty of adventures. Fans have learned a bit about these characters over the course of the franchise, but there is so much more to them. Each of these characters would be perfect to feature in the new digital show. Why not give us a better look at who they are in more detail in the way Origins has done for Dr. Langford?

With that in mind, here are six characters from the Stargate franchise we would love to see featured on Origins!

Thor : Supreme Commander of the Asgard Fleet


Thor was a member of the Asgard race and the supreme commander of his people’s fleet. The SG-1 team comes to know Thor the best out of the Asgard; they often worked together to help each other throughout the series.

The Asgard as a whole are a fascinating race. They are technologically advanced enough to scare the Goa'uld and use that advantage to protect other planets through negotiation and treaties. They would have done more, too, but the Asgard were dealing with a big threat in their own home galaxy, the Replicators. The Asgard were also introduced as a dying race with no way to reproduce except through cloning.

All of this would be great to explore in more depth through a series about Thor, as there would be a lot of options. The series could explore Thor's first contact with Earth or his work on one of the protected planets. A series could also show us his time before he was supreme commander, perhaps dealing with the Replicator threat or looking at one of his first encounters with the Goa'uld. Such a series would allow us to learn more about Asgard civilization and society, and give us a better sense of how Thor became the wise Asgard we meet in Stargate SG-1.

Stargate SG1 - The Memories Of Jolinar (Season 2 Ep. 11)


The SG-1 team first met Jolinar when she was forced to take Captain Samantha Carter as a host to avoid dying. Jolinar told the SG-1 team about the Tok’ra, a group that opposes the system lords and doesn't believe in what the ruling Goa'uld are doing in the galaxy. They are a resistance made up of aliens similar to the Goa'uld in that they need hosts to survive, but, unlike them, they don’t take hosts against their will. Instead, they only take humans who volunteer and want to coexist with them.

Despite how Jolinar first took over Carter, her difference from the Goa'uld was proven when she sacrificed herself to save Carter’s life. Before this, it’s clear Jolinar was a key agent for the Tok’ra. She was sent on important missions for years against the Goa'uld and Origins could show us any number of them. Even more interesting could be a series that shows us what made Jolinar turn against the Goa'uld in the first place. When did she realize she didn’t want to be like the Goa'uld and decide to rebel? We could see her turn against them and start on the path to joining the Tok’ra!

Stargate SG1 - Tealc's Conscience (Season 5 Ep. 2)


Bra’tac was Teal’c’s mentor and a great Jaffa master. He served as the First Prime of Apophis and eventually left the service of the Goa'uld to be part of the Jaffa rebellion. He was the one to encourage Teal’c’s doubt in the Goa'uld and first told Teal’c of the Tok’ra. Bra’tac taught Teal’c to play the game with the Goa'uld in order to survive but to not give in to blind faith. As Bra'tac pointed out, there was no proof they were gods.

During most of Bra’tac’s life, the Jaffa had no choice but to serve, but during his service, Bra’tac always tried to save lives. Origins could give us a better look at Bra’tac’s past as First Prime or, even, before that. We could see when he first realized the Goa'uld were false gods and how he tried to help others while in his position.

Stargate SG1 - A Message From The Future In The Past (Season 2 Ep. 21)

George Hammond

We were first introduced to a young Hammond in the episode “1969” when he helps SG-1, who accidentally traveled back in time. He helps them because of a note his older self sends with the team into the past. While we don't know that Hammond was involved with anything Stargate-related after that, it would still be interesting to learn more about his career after that experience. We could see how he continues to work in the military with the knowledge he has of his future and the SG-1 team. It could follow him on a specific mission, perhaps, and maybe even give us insight into his relationship with Jacob Carter, Sam’s father. We know they were good friends, so we could see how they met or when they worked together.

Such a series might not have many sci-fi elements without a Stargate or aliens — unless we learn there was another incident the TV series never told us about involving Hammond. However, it could offer a great look at the character and a different take on an origin story, since many of the others might be much more sci-fi heavy.

Three Zero Point Modules - Stargate Atlantis Janus


Janus was one of the Ancients who lived on Atlantis 10,000 years before the team in Stargate Atlantis arrived in the Pegasus galaxy. He was a scientist and an inventor, often working on research that wasn’t exactly approved by the Ancient Council. He even had a secret lab where he could conduct unauthorized research.

Janus followed the other Ancients when they retreated from Atlantis due to the Wraith, and went to Earth through the Stargate. There’s still so much we don’t know about the Ancients when they were at their height on Atlantis, so why not show it in an Origins series? Such a series could follow Janus as the Ancients are still fighting the Wraith, but before Atlantis itself is threatened. We could learn more about their culture, what they were like in the Pegasus galaxy, and see the type of work Janus was doing with their incredible technology. After all, he built a time machine without the council’s knowledge, so what else was he working on? Who might have known or helped him? We could see this and more through an Origins focus on Janus.

Ishta Stargate SG-1


Ishta was a high priestess of the Goa'uld Moloc. At some point, Moloc decided that he only had use for male Jaffa and ordered newborn girls to be put to death. In Jaffa society, women were trained alongside men as warriors, but were not sent into battle. Instead, they were charged with protecting their homeworlds while the men were away.

Moloc, however, only cared about increasing the size of his armies. Ishta could not stand to see all the children killed and began to save them. She formed a resistance and took the girls to another planet, one the SG-1 team eventually encountered.

The result is a bit cliché, with discussions of the women-only planet being like the Amazons and Ishta serving as a love interest to Teal’c. Looking beyond that, though, you can see that Ishta was a brave leader and skilled fighter who cared about her people and an Origins series with her could finally put that more in the spotlight. It could follow Ishta as she first began her resistance, gathering help and finding a place to hide the children. A series could allow Ishta to be more of a well-rounded character, too, and show us more about the women in Jaffa society who we never saw as much as the men in the series.


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