6 DC Comics announcements we're crossing our fingers for at SDCC

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Jul 19, 2016, 4:20 PM EDT

Comic-Con week is finally here! Whether you’re able to attend or will be following online, there’s a lot for geeks of all kinds to get excited about: cosplay, movie trailers, TV previews, unexpected announcements, cool swag and—oh yeah! Comic books!

That’s right, though they’ve become more overshadowed by their silver-screen counterparts, there are still comic books at San Diego Comic Con. The show remains one of the biggest platforms for publishers to get lots of eyeballs on their upcoming projects, and most of the bigger companies have panels dedicated to big announcements for flagship projects heading to shops later in the year. The Big Two—Marvel and DC—often are seen as competing with one another over who can drop the biggest announcement bombshells. So what might we expect from them this year?

We already took a look at some of the projects we want to hear about from the House of Ideas, but now we’re turning our attention to the Distinguished Competition. There are several fan-favorite characters and creators poised to make a splash at the show, and like Marvel, DC has several projects from previous years at SDCC that we are still waiting on. What might we hear about this year? Read on for our biggest dreams for DC Comics this year at the show, and as always, let us know what you’re hoping to hear about in the comments below.



At the beginning of the New 52, it seemed like DC was pushing for a prominent role in their universe for Earth’s Mightiest Mortal, with a bold reimagining in Flashpoint, followed by a backup feature in Justice League by superstar creators Geoff Johns (Green Lantern) and Gary Frank (Batman: Earth One) and even membership on the Justice League. DC kept saying there was a Shazam! book in the pipeline, but with the recent launch of DC: Rebirth, the New 52 has come and gone, and we still haven’t seen a series for Billy Batson. Will Billy get reborn along with the rest of the DCU? Captain Marvel was once the best-selling character in comics, it’s only a matter of time before DC figure out what to do with him, and we’re hoping that time is now.



The writer between such classics as 100 Bullets, Luthor and Joker, Brian Azzarello has been one of DC’s best writers for many years now. He guided Wonder Woman through the first half of the New 52 era, and is currently co-writing a little book called Dark Knight III with Frank Miller, but he doesn’t have anything coming up in the newly-rebirthed DCU. While his fans have his upcoming Image Comics series Moonshine with his 100 Bullets collaborator Eduardo Risso to look forward to, we’re eager to see what he may have coming up with DC. Most of DC’s bigger name characters have their creative teams locked down, so it would be great to see Azzarello cut loose on one of DC’s lower-tier classics like The Question, the Golden Age Sandman, or Zatanna. He’d also be a perfect fit for…



One of the biggest selling points of DC Rebirth was the return of legacy and history to the DCU, most notably by fixing both the Teen Titans and the Justice Society. Despite being cited repeatedly by DC as one of the most important elements of the relaunch, we’ve yet to see anything from the legendary Golden Age superteam. Could we finally see an announcement at San Diego? As already mentioned, Azzarello would be a great choice to write the team after demonstrating his fondness for pulp-era heroes for First Wave, though we also wouldn’t mind seeing Tom King (Grayson) take a crack at it if he isn’t too busy writing Batman. Earth 2 reimaginings aside, Jay Garrick, Alan Scott, and the rest of the gang have been sorely missed since the beginning of the New 52, and we can’t wait to find out more about their return.



At 2015’s San Diego Comic Con, one of DC’s most exciting announcements was that they would be bringing back the characters of Milestone Media. Working with company founders Denys Cowan (Static) and Derek T. Dingle as well as comic book veterans like Reginald Hudlin (Black Panther) and Christopher Priest (The Crew), DC said they’d be revitalizing Static, Xombi, Icon, Rocket and all the rest, and giving them their own world in the multiverse, “Earth-M.” However, despite the fanfare at last year’s show, we’ve heard nothing of any of the projects, which were said to include several graphic novels, miniseries and one-shots. The original Milestone was a pioneer of diversity both on the page and behind it and their return is both vitally important and timely—if it’s still coming. DC announced Earth-M many months before Rebirth, and plans for the new books may have been derailed with the big relaunch. But whatever the status of the books, we’re crossing our fingers for an update at this year’s show.



The pages of the DC Universe: Rebirth one-shot were packed with returning characters, most of which have already found their place in new and upcoming series. However, there is one that was featured that we’ve yet to hear from: The Atom. The one-shot saw the Silver Age Atom, Ray Palmer, sending out a call for help to his assistant—and the fourth man to hold the diminutive mantle of the Atom—Ryan Choi to find him after he has become lost in the Microverse. It was a brief and intersting setup, but we still don’t know where their story will be continuing. Will the Atoms be getting their own series, or will they be featured in a team book? Perhaps the Justice Society will welcome them into their ranks in place of the original Atom, Al Pratt? There’s no way to tell, but we’re hoping for a big announcement for the little guys at San Diego this week.



Last year at San Diego Comic Con, Grant Morrison (Wonder Woman: Earth One) took to the stage to announce a follow-up project to his universe-hopping epic, Multiversity, appropriately titled Multiversity Too. Morrison stated that he’d be writing a line of new graphic novels for DC that explore the worlds of the multiverse that he fleshed out in Multiversity Guidebook, and that the first is titled Multiversity Too: The Flash, but details beyond that remain scarce. The first graphic novel in the series was planned to release some time in 2016, so if DC wants to hit that goal, they’ll have to announce it very soon. But considering how long the first Multiversity was delayed—and Morrison’s new responsibilities as the Editor-in-Chief of Heavy Metal—we may have to wait a while on this one.