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6 geeky book subscription boxes to explore for National Reading Month

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Mar 20, 2018, 3:34 PM EDT (Updated)

While we love to celebrate reading all year long, March is National Reading Month, which seems like a great time to highlight the joy of picking up a comic or opening a book even more than usual. After all, there's something special about sitting down and entering a world created by an author. Despite the ways movies, TV shows, and other media captivate us, there's truly nothing quite like what you find in the pages of a book. So why not take this opportunity to try something new when it comes to adding books to your current reading list and try a book subscription box service?

Whether you're an avid geek reader who loves to check out works in many genres, sticks just to comic books, or explores a little bit of everything in science fiction, fantasy, and horror, there's a subscription box out there for you! These services offer a fun way to increase the variety of the books you read, try out a new genre, or just spice up your library, and there are a number of them that you can choose from. Plus, they often come with a little something extra in addition to the book, so you can really get in the literary mood.

Here are six subscription boxes that that we think are worth checking out during National Reading Month.

The Book Hookup from The Strand

The Strand is an independent book store in New York City well-known for its more than 18 miles of books. Walking through the shelves full of new, used, and rare books can feel almost magical when you visit, but you don't have to physically travel to the shop to get a sense of that magic thanks to the Strand's subscription box service The Book Hookup. The boxes arrive quarterly and there are multiple genre-themed boxes to choose from, including a sci-fi and fantasy option. In each box, you'll receive a recently released signed first edition book, a paperback, and additional items like pins, a mug, and tea. It has everything you need to kick back and enjoy a day of reading as well as add a little bit of literature to other areas of your life!


PageHabit has monthly and quarterly boxes as options, but it's the monthly ones that offer themes like fantasy, horror, and science fiction that you can choose. For these subscriptions, you'll be shipped a newly released book that the author has annotated, a letter from the author, a bookmark, and some additional items. If that's not enough to make you interested, a purchase at PageHabit also supports a good cause. For every box, the company makes a donation that supports children's literacy. They do this by partnering with different groups each month. For example, in February they worked with Books for Africa and donated books to Ethiopia. So not only will you receive awesome books each month, but you'll be helping kids share in your love of reading!

Comic Bento

If you're interested in expanding your comic book selection instead of your novels, then there's always Comic Bento. This monthly subscription states that you'll receive at least $50 worth of comics and graphic novels in your box. Like the other subscriptions, each month's box has a theme and that theme will connect all the comics in it. Previous themes include Beginnings, Girl Power, and Elementals. March's theme is Going Digital, so each comic will have a story about technology. It's a fun way to receive new comics you might not normally try and potentially add something different to your comics shelf.


What is one of the only things that can make reading more enjoyable than it already is? Adding chocolate to the mix of course, and that's exactly what this subscription box does! Chocolate&Book offers different themed boxes including a sci-fi and fantasy option. They will send you a book, chocolate, and a beverage like tea, coffee, and hot chocolate. You can choose to receive a paperback or hardcover book and tell them if you have any allergies or food preferences. Considering we still might have some cold weather over the next few weeks, what sounds better than sitting down with chocolate, a warm drink, and a good book?

Shelflove Crate

If you want something that's sci-fi and fantasy but also in the young adult genre, you might want to check out Shelflove Crate. When you receive a crate, it will contain a book and three or more other items such as candles, socks, and bags. The theme for the box is inspired by the chosen young adult sci-fi or fantasy book and the items then follow that theme. Past themes have been Royal Pains and Timeless, with Fiery Redheads as March's theme and Magical Manipulators as April's upcoming theme. It's a fun way to get your sci-fi and fantasy fix, but with a guaranteed young adult spin!

Magic Chest

For a purely fantasy subscription box, there's the appropriately named Magic Chest. If you subscribe to this service, you'll get a box with a hardcover fantasy book that was recently released and, like many of the other boxes, a few other related items that are often made by small businesses. These are also inspired by the theme of the box, which changes each month. The current March theme is Spells & Potions, but previous themes have included Magical Creatures and Rivals & Rebellions. It's perfect for the person eager for some more enchanting reads.