6 geeky high school yearbook portraits of comic book supervillains

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Dec 17, 2012

Remember your Camaro-cut mullet and Coke-bottle glasses in school? Well, you're not the only ones with embarrassing yearbook shots. Check out these nerdy teen supervillains captured in a not-so-evil moment before the camera.

This gallery of unflattering images was created by Deviant Artist GhostHause, ( aka J Hause), showcasing a bunch of grinning baddies proudly mugging for the camera. High school versions of Green Goblin, Bane, Loki, Venom, Two-Face and Sinestro obviously missed their photo make-up day or failed to travel back in time to wipe out all evidence of their acne-tinged, D&D-crazed, metal-head adolescent existence.

But come on, give the dastardly dudes a break, at least they grew up and became well known for their work with humanity, despite a few twisted megalomaniacal ambitions.

Smile and say cheesey!

(via Geek Tyrant)

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