6-minute demo reel will make you wish Star Wars 1313 was still happening

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Dec 16, 2013, 2:40 PM EST

If you were already bummed that the Star Wars 1313 videogame got canceled, get ready to feel even worse about it.

Pitched to fans as a gritty, dark, Blade Runner-esque adventure set in the criminal underworld (literally) of the Imperial capital of Coruscant, Star Wars 1313 looked like one of the most promising new Star Wars projects we'd seen in years. As screenshots and clips of the action from the game kept making their way onto the 'net, we got more and more excited to finally play this bad boy. Then Disney bought Lucasfilm, canned the company's game wing, LucasArts, and announced earlier this year that 1313 was no more (for now, at least). 

Of course, we know other Star Wars games are inevitable now, especially with Disney's ambitious movie plans for the franchise. Shortly after announcing a new partnership with Electronic Arts to publish new Star Wars games, Disney and EA hit us with news of a new Star Wars: Battlefront game, and we'll almost definitely get an Episode VII tie-in game of some sort in 2015. Still, 1313 seemed to be something special, and knowing we'll probably never see it fully realized is a huge bummer.

Adding to our depression over apparently losing this game forever, the full six-minute demo reel for the game from the 2012 E3 conference has now made its way online. It features a full-scale action sequence that includes menacing droids, bounty hunters, two spaceships and an escape pod that's used as a bomb, and all that action is contained within one perilous-looking shaft that leads down, down, down into the bowels of Coruscant. The action sequence, along with ruthless characters and a hint of adult language, shows us that 1313 apparently really would've been the grown-up Star Wars game we wanted. Alas, it looks as though, unless EA decides to resurrect the concept, we'll never play it.

Check out the demo reel below, anyway, though, if only to dream about what might have been.

(Via Comic Book Movie)