In 6 minutes of Alien: Isolation footage, everything can (and will) kill you

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Jun 10, 2014, 3:47 PM EDT

Although I enjoyed my hands-on demo of Alien: Isolation back in April, I had one concern: The official trailer had been made entirely from footage from the level I had just played. This could be a signal that this scene was the only footage actually ready for prime time. But SEGA has just allayed my fears ... by releasing six more minutes of gameplay.

Kotaku posted the six minutes, which we have below. Although SEGA had hinted that there were enemies other than the xenomorph aboard, we didn't get a chance to meet them. Until now.

Here we encounter humans aboard the space station, and although we tend to see them running away, one of them pulls a gun on you. Then there's a synthetic (sorry, artificial person) who is so tough that one punch will clean your clock permanently. And let's not forget the xenomorph -- because it hasn't forgotten you. One errant click of a flashlight and you're dog meat, pal.

In addition to the six minutes, SEGA has also released a new trailer, also below. Plus, if you're lucky enough to attend E3 this year, you'll be getting a 20-minute theater presentation of the game and a playable scene on the show room floor.

It looks like Alien: Isolation is getting ready to rumble. Prepare yourself for Oct. 7, 2014, on the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

First, the trailer:

Now, the six minutes. Tell us in the comments how much you're looking forward to beating back a xenomorph.