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6 of the hottest former teen idols on Riverdale

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Sep 26, 2019, 3:20 PM EDT (Updated)

The town of Riverdale is filled with murder and drama and teen hijinks, but there also happens to be an extremely high percentage of hot teen idols from decades past who managed to settle in the sleepy town.

While many of the actors who play the teens on The CW's Riverdale were relative unknowns at the beginning of Season 1, almost every single cast member who plays a parent on the show is someone we've crushed on for years — sometimes in an almost uncomfortable way. Hey, we're only human.

In celebration of Back to Cool Month and the nostalgia of our childhoods we so fondly like to remember, SYFY WIRE FANGRRLS recognizes six of Riverdale's former teen heartthrobs who, let's be real, are still f***ing hot.

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Skeet Ulrich

These days, Skeet Ulrich is Jughead Jones' father FP on Riverdale but many of us know him best as Billy Loomis, the creepy killer who terrorizes the town in the very first Scream — or maybe even as sweet-talker Chris Hooker in The Craft. Wow, 1996 was a big year for Skeet. Today, his hot dad status on Riverdale means we're still crushin' hard on him almost 25 years later.

Luke Perry Beverly Hills 90210

Luke Perry

Of course we're going to discuss perhaps one of the biggest teen idols of a generation, who also just so happened to play Archie's dad on Riverdale. At the time of his passing in early 2019, Luke Perry had been playing Fred Andrews for almost three seasons on Riverdale and was consistently the sanest and most loveable parent on the series. Before that, however, Perry was a household name as one of the stars of Beverly Hills, 90210. Is there a single human who grew up in the '90s who didn't have a crush on him at some point? The answer is no. You did, even if you didn't know it. For basically an entire generation, 90210's Dylan McKay was dream "bad boy" material. We still miss Perry — not only on Riverdale, but as the icon he truly was.


Mädchen Amick

All Twin Peaks fans know this isn't Mädchen Amick's first experience in a tiny town with an unusual teen murder washing up unexpectedly. In Riverdale, she plays Betty Cooper's mom Alice, who... well, she's got a lot going on. Back on Twin Peaks, Amick spent time as diner waitress Shelly but she also starred in Dream Lover alongside fellow teen idol James Spader. Honestly, she's gotten to work with the most crushable icons of the '90s in addition to being pretty dang crushable herself. And as if she couldn't be any cooler, Amick and Ulrich's characters are love interests on Riverdale. Falice 4eva!

Head of the Class Robin Givens

Robin Givens

On Riverdale, Robin Givens plays Sierra McCoy: HBIC, (former) mayor, and also the mother of Josie (yes, the one who usually is surrounded by Pussycats). But Givens broke out in the '80s, starring in sitcom Head of the Class, and continued to work consistently through the '90s. In 1995, she was even on the list of 100 Sexiest Stars in Film History. So even though she isn't one of the central parents on the show, she still brings the sexiness quotient of the town up by a whole dang lot.

Mark Consuelos Kelly Ripa All My Children

Mark Consuelos

Riverdale may seem like a mere teenage soap opera to the uninitiated, but Mark Consuelos (who plays Veronica's father Hiram Lodge) knows what it's like to actually star on a soap opera. From 1995 to 2001, Consuelos starred on ABC's All My Children as heartthrob Mateo Santos alongside now-wife Kelly Ripa. Who doesn't love a good on-screen turned off-screen romance?! On Riverdale, he's not at all the type of guy you'd want to be in a relationship with at all (in fact, he won the Teen Choice Award for Choice TV Villain in 2018) but it is fiction, after all, and sometimes just being really hot is enough to sway your mind.


Molly Ringwald

It would almost be downright insulting to explain the teen idol credentials of Molly Ringwald to you, but WE WILL ANYWAY because she is the very definition of the word. Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, and Pretty in Pink are just a few of the iconic films that made Ringwald arguably the STAR of the 1980s. But these days, she's gone from teen to parent on Riverdale, frequently showing up to visit her son Archie Andrews. Can you believe we were lucky enough to see a show that actually created a physical manifestation of what the child of Dylan McKay and Claire Standish might look like? Dreams do come true.