6 superheroes Noah Centineo could play on the big screen

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Sep 13, 2018, 6:00 PM EDT

If you’re one of 5 people that don’t know who Noah Centineo is, fix your life. Thanks to his swoon-inducing role as Peter Kavinsky in Netflix's To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, his woke bae breakdown of his favorite Kendrick Lamar song, and a video of him with puppies, Centineo isn’t likely to lose his spot as the internet’s boyfriend any time soon.

After surviving the very problematic Sierra Burgess is a Loser with his newly found fanbase still intact, the only logical next step for an up and coming actor this hot is to give him some superpowers and a multi-year contract. Here are 6 superheroes that Noah Centineo could definitely play on the big screen.

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Damian Wayne

DC seems to be working out some... kinks in their cinematic universe, which could prove to be the optimal time to bench and give two of their Big Three a break. Who better to follow in their father’s footsteps to the big screen than Damian Wayne? We already know Noah can do a swoony bae; now let’s see him play an emo, slightly unhinged one.


Since Henry Cavill is busy trolling people on Instagram over whether or not his time as the Man of Steel is up, now seems like an opportune time to let Kal-El’s son step into the spotlight. Personally, we wouldn’t be mad if Lois, now a single mom to her half-Kryptonian son Conner Kent, start life anew after Supes goes MIA. Lois kicks off the next phase of her career becoming a world renown and best selling author while Conner slowly discovers the powers he inherited from his dad.

Yeah, I know this was more about Lois, but that’s because she rocks and deserves to have a far better character arc as opposed to being under-utilized like she has been the last few movies.



Casual comic book fans or those only familiar with the cinematic verse may not know who Northstar is, which is fine. If there’s one area Marvel has excelled in over the last decade, it’s making the uninitiated care about their B-list characters. There’s also like 5 million X-men, so…

But this mutant is one of the first openly gay superheroes and was the first one to celebrate his love by marrying his hubby in the comics. So why should Noah play him? Because sharing is caring, and the LGBTQ community deserves to experience the thirst that is Centineo.


Another X-Man, Chamber is a favorite with comics fans. Yeah, he has some cool powers, but there are two reasons why he needs a movie and for Noah Centineo to play him: 1. He’s British. 2. He hooks up with a pop singer named Sugar Kane. The only thing that could possibly make Noah hotter is a British accent. Bonus if we get to perv on him hooking up on a big screen.


Nate Grey

Yet another X-men (seriously, these things reproduce like Gremlins), Nate Grey is the son of Jean and Cyclops. Lame dad aside (yeah, I SAID IT), Nate, aka X-Man, technically exists in an alternate universe. Anyone who has peeped Centineo’s Instagram knows that he can get a little deep and heady, which kinda works for a mutant with telekinetic abilities who becomes a Mutant Shaman in the comics. 


Johnny Storm

OK, out of all of them, this is the only character that will inevitably make its way back to the big screen. Odds are very high that once the Fox/Disney merger goes through, Marvel’s first family will be the top priority. Noah has proved that he has the, um, cockiness required to play Storm, PLUS we would get to see him and Mark Ruffalo alongside each other in an Avengers film—or at least in set pics. Imagine how precious that press tour would be.