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6 theories for how Steve Trevor returns in Wonder Woman 1984

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Jun 13, 2018, 5:25 PM EDT

We're already pretty hyped about Wonder Woman 2, especially since we learned it was going to take place in the 1980s. As of now, we have an official title: Wonder Woman 1984, as well as our first look at some photo stills featuring a couple of familiar faces — chief among them Gal Gadot as Diana, of course, but also... Chris Pine as Steve Trevor?!

I may not know much, but I was certainly under the impression that Steve managed to fly to a certain deadly fate in the first Wonder Woman movie. So what's he doing back in Wonder Woman 1984? Not surprisingly, the fan theories are already swirling around on the internet. Here are a few I'm convinced could be the most likely reasons for Steve's return.

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It's actually Steve Trevor

Comic book movies have sent precedent for guys named Steve to survive plane crashes. They might be part of different universes, but who says Wonder Woman's Steve can't take a page out of Cap's book? As the proverbial "they" tends to say, "It's not death until you actually see a body," and in the realm of comics sometimes even that isn't enough to declare someone truly dead. Whether by time travel, godly intervention (I bet someone like Aphrodite likes Diana and also loves love) or some other powerful means, this could very well be the Steve Trevor back for a sequel.


It's Steve's descendant, also named Steve Trevor

Diana encountering a Steve lookalike who just so happens to be his son (or grandson) and also bears his name? Well, there's some precedence for that too. The classic Wonder Woman TV show starring Lynda Carter did a fast-forward of their own series in order to bring Diana forward into the future and introduce Steve Trevor's son (named Steve Trevor Jr.), played by the same actor. All that aside, people are named for their ancestors all the time, and if your grandpa was a legendary World War I pilot you probably wouldn't mind being named after him either.


It's a Steve copy (either robot or clone)

If you can't get the original Steve, maybe you'll settle for the next best thing: an exact copy of him. You might be thinking that the '80s are too dated a decade to even have the technology to come up with advanced cloning or robotics, but for the purposes of argument let's just say that there's some kind of top-secret organization with the ability to pull off this type of scenario. Besides, this Steve could be stronger and better than ever and less likely to die in a fireball explosion. Too soon?


It's someone disguised as Steve

This one would be particularly mean for our girl Diana, but hear me out for a minute. We know from the first Wonder Woman movie that she's technically the daughter of Zeus, but so far Daddy dearest hasn't made an effort to reconnect with his lasso-wielding offspring. Maybe her recent heroics have finally put her on his radar and he decides to venture down to Earth to finally have a face-to-face meeting. There's mythological precedent for Zeus assuming different forms! And we all know the gods don't really know how to human very well, so Zeus pretending to be Steve would be just messed-up enough to really make sense.

Diana Prince and Steve Trevor, Gal Gadot and Chris Pine, Wonder Woman

It's Diana's vision of Steve

You never forget your first love, and Diana has pretty much been in mourning for Steve Trevor for literal decades—so much so that she probably could've hooked up with Batfleck if her heart didn't still belong to another. And when you're pining for your long-lost One True Love, wouldn't it make sense that you'd start hallucinating him everywhere wearing period-appropriate clothing? Diana fantasizing about an eventual reunion with Steve would be true to what we know about her character, even if snapping back to reality would be the cruelest trick of all.


It's the definitive evidence for who is actually the Best Chris

Admittedly, Team FANGRRLS did label Chris Hemsworth as the Chris that won 2017, but Wonder Woman 1984 isn't coming out until 2019. That's almost another year and a half for Pine to trek (get it?) his way to the top of the list and beat out Hemsworth, Evans, Pratt, Meloni, Plummer, you name it. And starring in a Wonder Woman sequel after his character was presumed dead and gone? Well, if that's not one way to earn the spot of Top Chris, I don't know what is.