6 Wonder Woman stories we want to see on the big screen

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Apr 18, 2016, 12:58 PM EDT


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It’s been a long, and occasionally strange, trip to finally getting Wonder Woman on the big screen. As of right now, it’s anyone’s guess as to what her big-screen debut will look like. Outside of a few casting confirmations and a couple set pics, there isn’t much information out there as to what’s in store for her 2017 film. So we pieced together the little info we have, some of the rumors, and speculate as to which of Wonder Woman’s comic-book storylines could be adapted for the big screen.

What we know

There have been rumblings that Wonder Woman may take place in more than one time period, covering her time in Themyscira and World War I, and finally ending in modern day, where her story will lead into Justice League. At CinemaCon this past week, Warner Bros. debuted footage that showed the superheroine beating up a platoon of WWI-era soldiers, and set pics of both Gal Gadot and Chris Pine confirm the time period, as do pics of Gadot with Robin Wright, Connie Nielsen and Lisa Loven Kongsli on what appears to be Themyscira.  According to I09, a voiceover from the CinemaCon footage states that Wonder Woman’s whole history will be told in the film. 

Aside from Gadot, the only characters we know for sure are in the film are Steve Trevor ( Pine), General Antiope (Wright), Hippolyta (Neilsen), Menalippe ( Kongsli), and Etta Candy (Lucy Davis). There’s also much speculation as to who Saïd Taghmaoui is playing. Some rumors have him playing Ares, one of Wonder Woman’s biggest adversaries from the comics. According to an interview the actor gave the French magazine Ultra, he says he’s playing a superhero in the upcoming flick. It’s obvious his role is under wraps, so that claim could be a cover. Or maybe not. Warner Bros. is being especially tight-lipped about the film, so all we can do is speculate and dream. 

One thing we do know is, Wonder Woman has had some pretty amazing story arcs in the comics thanks to writers like Greg Rucka, Gail Simone, Phil Jimenez, George Perez, and creator William Multon Marston. Here are just six of those stories, any of which we'd be into seeing come to life on the big screen. 

The Wonder Woman Chronicles Vol 1- William Multon Marston


Taking into account the rumors and little confirmed info we do have, it’s a safe bet to assume some - if not most -  of this book will have influenced the movie. It does makes sense, since Chronicles Book 1 is a collection of creator William Multon Marston’s earliest Wonder Woman stories, which sounds very close to what we may be seeing in the film. While Chronicles includes Diana Prince’s mythical origins, the biggest difference is her fighting Nazis in WWII. According to rumors, the movie swapped this out for WWI so as to not be too similar to Captain America: The First Avenger. 

Adapting Marston's earliest Wonder Woman stories would be more than an obligatory nod to her creator. Over the years and various re-tellings, fans have felt some writers deviated too far from Wonder Woman's beginnings, and later iterations lacked the essence of why she was created in the first place. Marston firmly believed that girls should have the same type of hero that boys had in Superman and others, and that if women ruled the world, everyone would be better off. 


Spirit of Truth - Alex Ross & Paul Dini


Spirit of Truth touches on Diana’s origins, which we know the movie will cover, and, quite honestly, can pull from any number of books, but it’s her modern-day activities in this book that would translate well to the screen. In Spirit, Diana stops a group of terrorists and is shown working as an ambassador addressing women’s issues around the world. The message is both timely, considering current events, and a powerful one that shows the Amazon Princess being the feminist icon she was created to be.  


Paradise Lost- George Perez & Phil Jimenez


Ares is intent on defeating Wonder Woman, and this time enlists The Joker, Poison Ivy and Scarecrow to help him. Wonder Woman has friends of her own, too, and heads to Gotham to get Batman’s help. As if fighting off Ares and his new crew of misfits isn’t enough, Themsycira is at the brink of a civil war. Paradise Lost is another story that shows the many roles Diana plays, not just as a hero to Man’s World, but as a ruler and politician in her own right.  And while Paradise includes a number of cameos by other DC characters and may not make it an ideal story for Wonder Woman's stand alone flick, it could work as a potential plotline for a Justice League movie. 


The Hiketeia - Greg Rucka


Declared the best Wonder Woman story by many, The Hiketeia may not make the ideal source for an origin story, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be included somewhere down the line in DC’s EU plans. 

Greg Rucka’s debut story writing Wonder Woman has Diana struggling to uphold a sworn oath to protect a woman named Danielle Wellys. But when Danielle takes the law into her own hands and murders the drug dealers that killed her sister, Diana ends up having to choose between her oath or fighting Batman, who’s searching for the fugitive. 

Throughout the book, Diana’s a complex heroine who displays all the classic virtues she’s known for as well as being the tough and powerful warrior she is. We know the DC movies will all connect, and who wouldn’t want to see at least one of them focus on Wonder Woman and Batman?


The Circle - Gail Simone


Gail Simone’s The Circle does some time hopping, itself, starting with a backstory about the relevance of the Circle in Diana and Hippolyta’s life and jumping to present day, where Diana finds herself fighting a foe with connections to the group. Granted, the story takes place during WWII, and it may be a bit too out there to introduce Gorilla Grodd or his loyal army of Gorillas, but the right screenwriter can still capture the elements of Simone’s story arc while still taking liberties that wouldn’t require a bunch of CGI gorillas attacking Diana on screen.


Eyes of the Gorgon - Greg Rucka


A great number of Wonder Woman’s stories are chock full of mythical creatures and sorcery while also having political undertones to them. Diana isn’t just a warrior; she’s a member of the Themuscira royal family and responsible for the rule of her homeland. But if Game of Thrones can mix fantasy and drama, why can’t Wonder Woman?

"Eyes of Gorgon" has villains based on myth and magic ( Medusa and Circe), political drama ( Themyscria’s embassy is bombed by terrorists) and gladiator-esque duels between the Amazons and the Gorgons. Basically, it’s Gladiator meets Game of Thrones meets The West Wing, only all of it is about the greatest female superhero of all time.

What Wonder Woman story arcs do you hope get adapted to the silver screen? Let us know in the comments!

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