6000 year old rock

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Jan 22, 2007
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Note: I am still recovering from TAM 5! I will try to sit down tonight and get a good entry written about it. But until then, I have some other things to say.

What with the Grand Canyon stuff still going on, I sometimes find people asking what the big deal is. Why worry so much about a book that says the Grand Canyon is only 6000 years old?

Besides the obvious -- the book is dead wrong, it is antiscience, it is in violation of the First Amendment, and the National Park Service has been very dodgy about doing anything about it -- young Earth creationism garbage does real damage to people's ability to discern reality from fantasy.

Lauren Becker, a science interpreter who has taught at museums and parks around the country, says it better than I do: She wrote an essay for CSIPCOP about it that's wonderful. Read it, think about it, discuss it below.

Tip of the ranger hat to Johnny Five for the link.