6 Doctor Who episode 2 teasers that will shock you (spoilers)

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Dec 14, 2012

The mind-blowing Doctor Who season-six premiere will conclude in just two days with "Day of the Moon," and we just can't wait to see what happens next! In the meanwhile, we've got some very tantalizing teasers to share with you. As the mysterious River Song (Alex Kingston) keeps saying ... *spoilers!*

Digital Spy's Tube Talk has released 10 very cool teasers about "Day of the Moon," but we cherry-picked six that we thought were really the most fun and exciting.

"You're building me the perfect ****** and it still won't be enough!"

The Tardis swimming pool plays a vital role in a daring escape attempt.

At least one of the shocking twists from last week's episode is called into question, but who can The Doctor really trust?

If you don't feel sorry for Rory at least once while watching this episode, then you're truly heartless.

Speaking of Rory, if you've been wondering whether he remembers his 2000 years as Amy's plastic guardian, then this episode provides a definitive answer.

The Doctor has a new experience, while River does something for the very last time.

The final scene contains an absolutely shocking twist.

Are you ready to start the speculations? Get set ... GO!!

(via Digital Spy)

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