5 pages of awesome art from an unpublished 1962 Kirby Hulk story

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Dec 16, 2012

Want to see five pages of unused Jack Kirby art for a 1962 Hulk story that never saw print? We thought you might.

According to Newsarama, Marvel Comics Senior Vice President of Publishing Tom Brevoort shared—at his The Marvel Age of Comics Tumblr site—two pages of art by the legendary Jack Kirby that were meant to be used for a story in either Incredible Hulk #3 or #4. The story ended up going unpublished, and only the quick thinking of Larry Lieber apparently saved the pages from destruction after Kirby and Stan Lee had some kind of tiff.

Writer Kurt Busiek offered to create new dialogue for the story if Brevoort had enough pages, but the latter replied, "I've got something like six pages of it, but not the opening nor the finale." Well, he's right—and five of them have been posted at the Kirby Museum here (also see gallery below).

Brevoort reckons that the story had something to do with a bad guy trying to fix a high school basketball game, and we can only wonder where Lee and Kirby would have taken it from there. But previously unseen Kirby art is always welcome around these parts, so enjoy!