6 thrilling trailers amp up our Star Wars Blu-ray lust

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Dec 15, 2012

We grumble about the changes in the upcoming Star Wars Blu-ray release, but the fact is, we still passionately love the galaxy that George built. And there are new clips that remind us to look past our grumblings and into the reasons why Star Wars is pure awesome.

The Star Wars YouTube channel is stocked with copious clips of the upcoming Blu-ray edition, including trailers and snippets of the many promised documentaries. We have six of them for you, below. (The first one in particular is ... most impressive.)

Best of all, there's even a trailer for the item we're most looking forward to: deleted scenes. After years of watching the Star Wars saga dozens of times, watching new footage is like being in a dream state, in a good way.

So, angry fans, put our hate-ons aside for a few minutes and delve into why we loved Star Wars in the first place.

(via FuriousFanBoys)