Snubbed Doctor wants you to help bring him back for Who's 50th

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

Doctor Who may have just turned 49, but in 2013 the celebrations will truly begin, when the beloved sci-fi show hits the 50th-year milestone. While fans have been clamoring for a multi-Doctor special, Sixth Doctor Colin Baker says it won't happen—unless you help.

Former Doctor Who star Colin Baker says he's not been asked to appear in the show's 50th anniversary episode next year, and believes most of the other actors who have played the Time Lord will also be snubbed.

Why is that? Well, apparently, the stars who've played our beloved Time Lord now look too old for the special.

Baker, who is now 69, thinks that special show will only feature Matt Smith (well, that's a BIG given), who's now 30; David Tennant, who's 41 (Tenth Doctor); and Christopher Eccleston, who's 48 (Ninth Doctor).

He thinks that the rest of them—Tom Baker, who's 78 (Fourth Doctor); Peter Davison, who's 61 (Fifth Doctor); Sylvester McCoy, 69 (Seventh Doctor); and Paul McGann, who's 53 (Eight Doctor)—will be snubbed.

Baker told the Daily Mail:

"I have not been asked back yet. the show is hugely successful again and I think the BBC view will be they don't need us old ones.

"Maybe the fans can start a petition to get us back. I would love to appear in the anniversary episode."

To be fair, Peter Davison DID appear as the Fifth Doctor again in "Time Crash" just a few years back, with David Tennant in a Children in Need special.

Perhaps Colin Baker has a point in saying they are too old to reprise their respective Doctor Who roles, but perhaps they can appear in other capacities? And of all of them, Paul McGann is the one who looks young enough (seriously, it's like the guy never aged) to actually BE in the 50th-anniversary special as the Eighth Doctor.

So do you think that petition to send to the BBC to help get all those former Doctors back is a good idea? Do you even want those former Doctors back for the 50th in any capacity?

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