7 great Walking Dead comic stories we can't wait to see on the TV series

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Jun 10, 2015

It's hard to believe that The Walking Dead has been on for five years, and there are still so many potential stories from the comic left to tap. Well, if the creative team behind AMC's flagship series is taking suggestions, we have a few ideas for where things can go next.

Despite the fact that The Walking Dead TV series and comic are now both set in the Alexandria Safe-Zone, they're telling two very different stories across the different mediums. From different characters (Carol, Daryl, Andrea, Sophia, etc.) to the way they all interact — it's fascinating to sit back and look at just how far the show has evolved from the comic that inspired it. But that doesn't mean the comic doesn't have a few more great stories to offer up.

Creator Robert Kirkman and the revolving cast of showrunners have made no qualms about stealing some of the best ideas from the comic to feed the television series, and the result has been a sometimes glorious and sometimes frustrating mashup of these two worlds that are simultaneously different and yet still the same. It might require a tweak or two, but here are seven great storylines we think could be perfect for Kirkman & Co. to dig into over the next few seasons.

Obviously, spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead comic series!

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