7 of Supergirl's scariest villains

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Jan 15, 2019

Nobody’s perfect, but Kara Zor-El comes pretty close. A superhero with a genius intellect and a heart of gold is seriously hard to dislike. Ever since her first appearance in Action Comics, she’s been a fan favorite, and with her show on the CW pulling in viewers season after season, she’s become one of the most recognizable heroes that DC has to offer.

Yet haters, it is said, are gonna hate, and regardless of how lovable our girl Kara might be, there’s still a surprising amount of people that hate her guts. Some Superman villains ditched the big blue boy scout to go all in on Supergirl, while others were exclusive to her title from the very beginning. Here are some of the creepiest creeps of Supergirl’s highly formidable rogue gallery.

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We at FANGRRLS have made no secret of our love for Supergirl (1984) nor the wicked witch Selena that plagues Supergirl throughout the film. Portrayed by Faye Dunaway to perfection, Selena finds a powerful instrument named the Omegahedron and refuses to give it back to Supergirl when she comes for it. To make matters worse, Selena develops a fixation on a young man named Ethan who eventually falls for Supergirl, and that pushes our favorite witch to full-out nemesis status.

Although much of Selena’s origin story was cut from the final product, thereby leaving us with murky motivations and a somewhat confusing lack of origin story, Selena still manages to rise above, even if only through her highly memorable quotes and her exemplary dress sense. She does become sidetracked easily and it could be said that her time would be spent better doing pretty much anything other than antagonizing Supergirl, but Selena is a real star.



The Silver Banshee began as a Superman villain, but she almost unquestionably featured more prominently and with better returns as Supergirl’s nemesis starting in the ‘90s leading all the way into the present day. Falling by the wayside in Superman and seeming somewhat mismatched for him, her conflict with Supergirl was infinitely more organic. She hates Supergirl with a special kind of rage, seeing her as someone she can never be.

Banshee gained her powers when a sexist jerk of a family member distracted her during a ritual and sent her to Hell. Innocent but willing to make a deal, she agreed to perform a series of tasks in return for her terrifying powers, with which she can kill a person simply by speaking their name. Supergirl’s interactions with Banshee have left her torn between revulsion, rage, and sympathy. The Silver Banshee is not an easily parsed villain, and Supergirl can never forget the glimmer of humanity that she sees in her even as she commits terrible crimes. For that reason, their relationship is complex, and Silver Banshee is one of Kara’s most interesting foes.



There are many, many versions of Superwoman - enough to make your head spin, really, but the one under discussion today is Lucy Lane. The sister of Lois Lane and notoriously unsympathetic character of the Silver Age, a pre-New 52 Lucy was manipulated by her father to rail against Kara and help fulfill his anti-Kryptonian agenda. Believing herself to be a hero, this Superwoman was particularly tragic.

Superwoman’s presence troubled and confused Kara, and she believed her to be a blood relative for a short time. Superwoman eventually died when Supergirl, believing her to be Kryptonian and thereby invulnerable under Earth’s yellow sun, mistakenly caused her suit to malfunction, thus killing her. She did return briefly to develop a much more convoluted origin story, but it was all erased when New 52 occurred and continuity of DC changed significantly. Not everyone survived, and the Lucy Lane version of Superwoman was one of the characters to go.



A Jack Kirby creation mostly specific to the New Gods and the Fourth World, The Female Furies are universally terrifying villains throughout the DC universe, but for no one quite so much as Supergirl. Though they have terrorized many of DC’s heroes, their interactions with Kara have been particularly traumatic, in both comics and in DC’s animated universe.

Though they’ve been around for decades, the Female Furies have changed very little. They are in service of the evil Darkseid, specifically trained by the twisted Granny Goodness to hunt, torture, and kill enemies of their lord. JLA member Big Barda was raised among them and was even their leader for a time. In the animated movie Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, Supergirl is kidnapped by Darkseid and protected by the Furies, who surround her then attack her when Darkseid’s brainwashing of Kara begins to falter.



Born in ancient Rome, Gaius Marcus, the man who would later be known as Buzz, became a demon when he made a deal with Beelzebub to save his wife, who plunged a knife into his chest immediately and sent him to suffer in Hell for eternity in the servitude of the Lord of the Flies. This might not sound like someone that would develop an interest in Supergirl, but, centuries later when a clone Supergirl named Matrix merged with a lost young woman named Linda Danvers, Buzz was on site to antagonize her like nobody’s business.

Buzz is, like Silver Banshee, a villain that occasionally teeters on the brink of goodness before going full out rogue the next panel. He shows up to dinner with Supergirl’s adopted parents, provoking uncomfortable conversations and urging Supergirl to accept her angelic capabilities. It’s a really weird, bizarrely biblical story, but it marked Buzz’s status as one of Supergirl’s more compelling villains.



Brought together by the intriguing, mysterious antihero turned villain Selena of the Supergirl CW series, the Worldkillers consist of 3 individually formidable villains: Reign, Pestilence, and Purity. Started by a coven of Kryptonian witches and altered by dark magic to be self-reliant, the end purpose of the Worldkillers was to eradicate the Earth of sin. Sounds easy enough, but that darned Supergirl got right in their way.

Rogue Kryptonians will never stop being terrifying, but the Worldkillers stood apart with their excellent costume designs and their cold dedication to their end goal. The Worldkillers also appeared in DC comics, and they’re just as scary there.



V.R.I.L. stands for Virtual Remote Integration Logistics, but it’s also the given name of Vril Dox, an alien hacker with a terrible attitude problem and a desire to prod and provoke Kara from afar. Appearing in the Adventures of Supergirl comic, based on the CW series, Vril was physically similar to Brainiac, but his specific M.O. was to torment and essentially doxx Supergirl, hence his name.

Although his appearances were brief, Vril makes this list just because he’s that much of an infuriating creep. He really is just that good at being the absolute worst. He is defeated quickly, and the punishment that is meted out is to lock him in a room without access to the internet, a cathartic end indeed for anyone who has had to deal with a Vril-like internet troll in their lives.

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