7 pics merging old and new Trek casts reveal perfect Enterprise crew

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Sep 25, 2013

What happens when you combine the cast of the original Star Trek with those from the reboot? Let's find out. 

William Shatner, nearly half a century later, is still the James T. Kirk. Chris Pine's take on Captain Kirk is pretty stellar, too. And the same can be said for all the cast members from the original show and the new movies.

So, rather than choose which is better (like we used to back in the Kirk vs. Picard days), instead let's just combine them. That's exactly what ThatNordicGuy did and the results are pretty stellar. So check out the 7 perfect crew members of the Enterprise, and then click here to see Pike and Khan get the combo treatment, too.

Once you're done, tell us -- who's your favorite combo crew member?

(via Nerd Reactor)

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