7 Sweetest Day horror baes

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Mar 11, 2019, 5:30 PM EDT (Updated)

Halloween might be spooky, but that doesn't mean it can't be romantic! Leaves are on the ground, love is in the air, and it's time to celebrate our favorite fall honeys, the horror baes we would love to call our boo(geyman)! Sure, they have their flaws (don't we all!), but these scary movie hotties are our Sweetest Day favorites. So let's celebrate this totally legitimate and real holiday with some totally legitimate crushes. And remember — use protection! lol seriously though they might try to kill you.

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Michael Myers

Guh, the strong silent type, amirite? And he goes to THERAPY! Swoon! He's also super committed — once you have his heart, he won't let you go for, like, 40 years. #goals!


Freddy Krueger

I love a crafty man! I mean, he made those knifey glove things all on his own. INGENUITY! Also, you have to love someone who knows how to accessorize.


Ghostface from Scream

A refusal to conform to gender norms and fashions? SHA-WING. Mister Ghostface owns the sh*t out of that gowny cloak situation and pulls it off, even when tripping over it on the way to slice and dice a teen or two. We stan an ally. 


Jason Voorhees

Guuuyyyyys, he loves his mom! 



Sigh, who doesn't love a neck nibble and also immortality?



Because you read Fifty Shades and you're ready for your own Christian Grey, amirite layddeeeez?! Also he likes puzzles. It's important to have hobbies. 



I love fish and the beach and I hate people — we have so much in common! I think it's love.