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7 things we learned about Peter Capaldi and Michelle Gomez at ReGeneration Who

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Apr 27, 2018, 6:53 PM EDT (Updated)

Doctor Who fans around the world bid a tearful goodbye to the Twelfth Doctor during the 2017 Christmas special “Twice Upon a Time," after Peter Capaldi decided to move on from the iconic role after three seasons. The end of Season 10 marked another major change for the show, with showrunner Steven Moffat and actresses Michelle Gomez (Missy) and Pearl Mackie (Bill Potts) also departing. Next season will be a “clean slate” with not just a new showrunner, but a new Doctor and companions too. The former cast has moved on to other projects and remained relatively quiet about their lives after Doctor Who — until now.

Gomez and Capaldi reunited at this year’s ReGeneration Who (ReGen) convention in Baltimore. There was lots of laughter, awkward moments, and a couple interesting tidbits revealed in the process.

Here are a few things we learned about them at ReGeneration Who.

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Peter Capaldi is EASILY embarrassed by catcalling

ReGen was Peter Capaldi’s first interview after leaving the show, so the room overflowed with fans curious to hear about his life. A fan asked him if he'd had any influence on the Doctor’s style, and Capaldi admitted he'd showed up for the “Robots of Sherwood” episode in his own clothes but often spent hours in wardrobe normally. Capaldi had to try on dozens of costumes and remarked that it was “not fun after eight hours a day of taking my pants off.” This comment caused an audience admirer to whistle at him and catch him off-guard. The actor facepalmed and shared a laugh with the audience.


Michelle Gomez will team up with Rachel Talalay… and River Song?!

Michelle’s Saturday panel packed the room as the delightfully witty actress took the stage. Gomez chatted with moderator Craig Cobalt about her upcoming role as Mary Wardell/Madame Satan (a fitting role for a villainess) on the upcoming Netflix series The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. There’s no word on when the show will hit the streaming service, but the actress gushed about working with director Rachel Talalay again. The pair became acquainted during her time on Doctor Who, and Gomez praised Talalay for giving her the space to “go wild” with Missy. Gomez also shared an anecdote about being in Big Finish Audio’s studio where she ran into Alex Kingston! She didn’t confirm that Missy and River would meet, but nevertheless: it would be an epic story.


Coffee and The Wire are two of Capaldi's favorite things

Everyone at ReGen wanted to know one burning question: what's next for Peter Capaldi? The actor had a simple answer: NOTHING. He’s currently enjoying some time at home relaxing and drinking coffee while watching his favorite TV shows. Capaldi said The Wire was one of his favorites, along with lots of American movies. After watching him string together impressive profanity in British TV comedy The Thick of It, it’s no surprise that he loves the gritty drama. Kick your feet up and rest, Doctor; you deserve a break.


Stand-up comedy is one of Gomez's release valves

Michelle Gomez opened up about her personal life, particularly giving birth to her son at 42. After a day of frustration, she hopped in her car and rode to a California club, where she did a standup routine! A 2011 YouTube video floating around the internet is proof positive of her impeccable comedic timing; now we all know why she got the whimsical, clever role of Missy on Doctor Who.


The best audition is a drunk audition

One of Peter Capaldi’s first movie roles was a 1983 Scottish film entitled Local Hero. He was in his mid-20s and rocking out in a local band when he met director Bill Forsyth. After a night of drinking, Capaldi went on a rant in front of the director and ended up getting a part in the film. Forsyth thought he was naturally brilliant and helped him set a course towards a prolific acting career.


Missy is a unique/unbiased creation

Missy may have been the latest incarnation of the Doctor’s enduring frenemy the Master, but Gomez made the role her own. She admitted that didn’t watch any of her predecessors because she knew the role would have a different flair with her personality and the regeneration into a woman.

Gomez respects the people who came before her in the role, but that didn’t stop her from getting a little joke in about her schemes working because she was a woman. According to Gomez, Missy’s unpredictable nature was partly a result of her playing around and the crew accommodating her fluid movements.


The Twelfth Doctor's announcement was a little TOO secretive

Doctor Who revealed the Twelfth Doctor in epic fashion with a TV appearance. But, when Capaldi was on his way into the studio, he had a blanket thrown over his head to protect his identity up until the final minutes before his reveal. He thought the entire ordeal was a bit strange and overwhelming, comparing it to being on The Voice. It was a more complicated process than landing the role to begin with!

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