75-year-old theme park is auctioning off freaky old animatronics

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Feb 13, 2017, 7:30 AM EST

Some vintage animatronics have been pulled out of storage are now up for sale. You know, in case you want to turn your man cave into a little corner of Hell on Earth.

Knott's Berry Farm in California is auctioning off more than 200 items from its 75-year history, with several of the goodies having spent decades in storage (in case you couldn't tell). The items up for auction include everything from coin-operated player pianos to a large Snoopy figure, but the real surprises are the throwback animatronics from the park's old exhibits (including a Halloween-themed ride).

Check out some shots of the items below. The auction is set for March 31.

(via ABC, io9)