7 screen grabs from the 1st Thor footage (Odin revealed!)

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

ET visited the set of Thor and just released a four-minute video taking us behind the scenes with them. Check out some of our favorite moments below!

Here's Anthony Hopkins in costume as the Thunder God's father, looking all Odin-ish.

Not sure what Chris Hemworth's battle in a tube will turn out to be once the FX guys get their hands on it, but we're hoping for the Rainbow Bridge.

Man, that Chris Hemsworth is frakkin' HUGE!

We assume this must be Asgard ... unless it's that Vegas casino where we lost a couple of weeks' pay!

Did we say he was huge?

Here's a good look at Hemsworth sporting the contemporary Thor's chin fuzz.

And here he is in full Thor regalia!

To check out the complete video for yourself, click below.

(via geektyrant)