7th Doctor shares distressing Who 50th news (but should we believe him?)

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Mar 12, 2013, 12:31 PM EDT (Updated)

Sylvester McCoy was asked about his potential involvement in Doctor Who's 50th-anniversary special. He spoke for himself, and others as well. 

Let's get the meat and potatoes of this out of the way first. When asked if he had heard anything about Who's 50th, McCoy replied:

The other day I was with Tom Baker, Peter, and Colin -- the 20th century Who-ers, and Tom asked ‘Well, little man, have you heard anything?’ and I told him ‘No, I haven’t heard anything.’ So none of us have heard anything.

So not only is he denying his involvement, but also the three Doctors who preceded him as well. That's bold.

Considering that we already know multiple former companions have heard something, it's also a bit hard to take this quote at face value. That being said, we absolutely believe that Tom Baker refers to Sylvester McCoy as "little man."

What do you think? Is this quote the real McCoy (get it?), or is Sylvester just playing coy?

(via Doctor Who TV)