8 new set pics (and video!) tease upcoming Doctor Who plot details

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Dec 17, 2012

Even though Doctor Who just ended its—let's call it season seven: part one—run with a bang and a tear in our eyes, that doesn't mean that nothing else is happening in the world of Who. Au contraire! *SPOILERS*

As you'll see in these new spoilery set pics of the Doctor (Matt Smith) and his new companion, Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman), plus a video and (score!) some dialogue from the scene.

The first batch of set pics (plus that video) comes from filming that took place in Cardiff two nights ago. The daylight pics are, we assume, from the next day of shooting. But back to those nighttime filming pics and that video.

It has been revealed that the episode is set in the present day on Earth, and that the main plot is centered around "something living in the wifi," according to the Doctor. Apparently, '"this 'sentient Twitter' harvests human minds and also has the power to project an image from your subconscious.''

However, the most interesting thing is that the Doctor is apparently bumping into different versions of his new companion through time! The Clara he meets in this episode is not the same Clara he meets in Victorian times for the upcoming Christmas special, since this modern version doesn't know what the TARDIS is.

So that probably means that the Oswin Oswald/''Clara'' the Doctor ''met'' in ''Asylum of the Daleks'' is yet another version of his new companion Clara. This brand-new concept is fascinating, and we can't wait to see what Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat does with that.

And here's some interesting dialogue from the scene, thanks to a Doctor Who TV source, Gareth Bundy:

Doctor: I like your house! Clara: It's not mine -- I just work there. Doctor: Oh, yes! You look after the children, you're a governess! Just like -- Um. Just like... Clara: Just like what? Doctor: Just like I thought you would be ... ! But this isn't exactly a career choice, why here? Clara: Well, my Mum died, I had no ties, no plans, so why not? Doctor: People always have plans. Clara: What's your plan? Doctor: It's the internet. Wifi. There's wifi everywhere around us. We are living in a wifi soup. But, imagine. If there was something in it. Something living in the wifi. Harvesting human minds, copying them, editing them. A million souls, trapped like flies in the World Wide Web, all crying out. Clara: Isn't that basically Twitter? Doctor: Yes. Sentient Twitter! Hold on... (inaudible) ... And you just made a joke about Twitter?! [Something happens behind them] Clara: Is it the wifi? Is the wifi switching the lights on? Doctor: No, the people are switching on the lights. The wifi is switching on the people! Doctor: You and me -- in the box! Now! Clara: What? Together? Why? Doctor: You'll understand once we're inside. Clara: I bet I will! Doctor: [shocked] Clara! Please! Clara: Why do you have a box anyway? What's in there? Doctor: Clara! ... [whispers] Clara, look... behind you! BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. [Director shouts this, as The Doctor and Clara look to different areas. A shadowed man is standing in the distance.] Clara: What are they? Doctor: A walking base station. You saw it earlier. Clara: I saw a little girl. Doctor: Of course! Active camouflage! They drew an image from your subconscious and bounced it right back at you! ... In the box, now!

(via Doctor Who TV and Digital Spy)

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