8 Twitter parody accounts to get you through one of THOSE days

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Nov 17, 2016, 8:39 PM EST (Updated)

I don't know about you, but I know I spend a lot (like, a lot, like too much, like an inordinate amount) of time on social media, both for work and to connect with friends. We've all been stabby once or twice in the course of our social media lives. However, killing people in the face or stabbing them repeatedly is both illegal and messy -- not to mention, involves leaving the house (no bueno) -- so I have to find other ways to cope when I don't have the option of just hopping offline, doing shots, or running off to Disneyland. Some days, it's cute animal pictures.  But for those days where I'm feeling more snarky than sappy, I turn to that subgenre of distracting and amusing parody Twitter accounts. Here are eight genre-related accounts to give you a little boost when you're about to come out blasting or thinking of moving to Mars once that becomes an option.


1. Dad Joke Han Solo

There may be a generation that sees Han as the cocksure pilot with more swagger than Jagger, but it's completely plausible that his wise-cracking ways would veer into groan-worthy territory once he became a dad. Doesn't Han seem like that dad? You know, the one that is basking in the glory of embarrassing his offspring with lame one-liners and corny jokes? 





2. Emo Kylo Ren

When this account popped up, it was like someone heard the call of the internet. Of course it makes all the sense that Kylo Ren is an emo teen filled with angst and prone to temper tantrums rebelling against his idealistic parents. The Verge did a deep dive exploring the perfection behind the Emo Kylo Ren account, and pretty much nailed it. We may all disgaree about which Star Wars films are the best, but I think we can all agree this account rocks. 


3. SarcasticRover


4. Swear Trek

No one is better at Star Trek than Swear Trek. The visionary show that brought us cell phones and tablets is the perfect source to shout an endless stream of expletives out into the abyss that is Twitter. You don't even need to be a fan of the show to enjoy it. 






5. Very Lonely Luke

With great power comes great lonlieness. And when you're the last of your kind in the whole galaxy, well, it's a bit of a bummer. Or maybe you'd rather be alone than be surrounded by mediocricy. Enter Lonely Luke, the pensive Jedi that spends a lot of time alone with nothing but his thoughts and his Twitter account. Thoughts from Ahch-To from Luke, the lonely Jedi.





6. The Dark Lord Voldemort

He Who Must Not Be Named is on Twitter. And he's apparently a Beyonce fan. The Dark Lord's time line looks pretty much like the average tweeter's does, chock-full with a stream of consciousness that includes the election, the Superbowl half time show, and whatever the recent meme is sweeping the interwebz.  


7. Darth

There's no shortage of parody Darth Vader accounts on Twitter, but none of them have the photoshop skills of Darth. And none of them are a fox. Darth's timeline is a mix of hilarious photoshops, dog pics, and sarcasm. He claims not to be the Darth we're looking for, but he definitely is.




8. DystopianYA

As a fan of Dystopian YA, this gets so many things...right. I laugh because it cuts so deep. Then again, this may stop being funny the closer it gets to being reality. 





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