8 women who should play Wonder Woman’s love interest in the next film

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Nov 13, 2016, 1:52 PM EST (Updated)

Wonder Woman won’t be released until next year, but we’re already looking at the possibilities for a sequel, and so, it seems, is star Gal Gadot. Following comments made by Wonder Woman comics scribe Greg Rucka, fans have been wondering whether the movie version of the Amazon warrior might expand her possible dating pool to include female love interests. Gadot has said that she is all for a possible same-sex relationship for her character, but that it won’t be part of the forthcoming film. Of course, that hasn’t stopped people from asking about it.

According to Batman-News, while appearing on an Israeli television program, Gadot was asked which actress she would want to play Wonder Woman’s love interest in the as-yet-unplanned sequel. Gadot commented:

“I saw her the other day, Halle Berry,” said Gadot on Good Night with Guy Pines. “She’s so beautiful. Wow! She’s gorgeous! So … yeah, I could do [the sequel] with her.”

Now, while there are currently no plans for a second Wonder Woman film, and despite the fact that any possible sequel would be years in the future (DC’s slate of films is currently planned out to 2020), we decided to have a little fun. The following are our pitches for Wonder Woman 2, Diana’s potential girlfriends, and the actresses who should play them on the big screen.


Halle Berry as Dr. Midnight/Beth Chapel

Gal Gadot herself made this selection, and who are we to argue with Wonder Woman? But while Gadot may have suggested Berry as a possible love interest, she didn’t have any thoughts on who the Oscar winner would play. We suggest Beth Chapel, also known as the second Dr. Midnight. 

A medical doctor, Chapel arrives in Wonder Woman’s life having been recruited by Batman to serve as the Justice League’s physician. Chapel starts out the film blind, and Wonder Woman takes to her for her fierce devotion to her patients and her unwillingness to let her disability hinder her skills as a doctor. 


Gillian Anderson as Allison Addison

Anderson is a must for any fancast, if you ask me. She’s fierce, badass, gorgeous, and a great actress (though these are qualities you can find in any of the ladies on this list). A staple of genre television, Anderson has played everything from the truest of good guys to a cutthroat politician. 

In Wonder Woman, though, Anderson plays Allison Addison, an activist and the director of a woman’s shelter inspired by the work of the Amazon Princess. Her organization is targeted by Wonder Woman’s enemies and Allison and Diana work together to protect the women and children who use the shelter and its services and stand up to those who believe fear and intimidation can quash those working towards a better life for their fellow humans. 


Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Vixen/Mari McCabe

Gugu Mbatha-Raw has been killing it in a number of dramatic feature film roles over the last few years, starring in Beyond the Lights and Belle, among others. It’s about time she got the chance to show off her badass in an action role.

We’re suggesting she take on the role of Vixen in the Wonder Woman sequel. Another strong, protective force, much like Wonder Woman, Vixen comes to the US after the brutal death of her parents, determined to hunt down a family heirloom stolen in the attack: an amulet that gives the wearer the powers of the animal kingdom. She and Wonder Woman bond over their mutual desire to protect their way of life, but clash over how to accomplish it.


Archie Panjabi as Manhunter/Kate Spencer

Most people will recognize Archie Panjabi for her role as Kalinda on The Good Wife, and that’s not surprising. Panjabi’s turn as the hard-as-nails investigator was a fan favorite. It certainly doesn’t hurt that Kalinda was also an LGBT character.

When the Justice League faces legal action after the events of their first outing as a team, attorney Kate Spencer comes to their defense. Kate is descended from heroes of the past and has seen first-hand what can happen when they are vilified. Diana admires Kate’s faith in justice, and enjoys her snarky attitude, eventually agreeing to help the buttoned-up lawyer shed her power suits in favor of heroic spandex.


Bridget Regan as Batwoman/Kate Kane

If you watched Marvel’s Agent Carter then you recognize Bridget Regan as the enigmatic, and very deadly, Dottie Underwood, one of the original Black Widows. With that role under her belt, we know she can play a charismatic ass-kicker, so why not let her take on the more dramatically demanding role of former military officer, Kate Kane.

After the events of Justice League, Batman is nowhere to be found. Kate Kane has stepped up to fill his high-tech boots - and Batcave - but she’s facing opposition from the people of Gotham City, and members of the Justice League who don’t think she’s cut out to take on the mantle of Batwoman. Wonder Woman is the only one willing to give her a shot, especially when the key to Diana’s latest mission hides in memories buried deep in Kate’s subconscious.


Emily Blunt as Artemis

If there’s a role out there to play, we know Emily Blunt can pull it off. She’s played nasty assistants, messed up sisters, frozen evil queens of far-off kingdoms, and everything in between. Her role in Edge of Tomorrow though really showed her action movie chops, and fans (including myself) have been hankering for another meaty ass-kicking role for the actress. Enter Artemis, the greek goddess of the hunt.

The greek gods and goddesses have played various roles over Wonder Woman’s 75 years, but on the big screen, this version of the goddess is a fierce warrior and friend of the Amazons. She and Diana met when Diana was a young warrior learning to fight. Artemis took the young princess under her wing, helping in her training. The two became close and developed a relationship, but it ended when Artemis, always a wanderer, left to continue her hunt. They are reunited centuries later, as the World of Men threatens the Amazon’s way of life. Diana’s mother Hippolyta no longer trusts her daughter’s judgment, and the former lovers find themselves on opposite sides of the impending conflict. 


Zoe Kravitz as Zola/Athena

Zoe Kravitz has played everything from outcast teen to mutant to one of Immortan Joe’s badass wives, proving she can take on roles both dramatic and high octane. Those are skills necessary for the role of Zola, a young woman impregnated by the god Zeus.

Taking a page from the New 52, Wonder Woman is entrusted with protecting Zola from the wrath of Hera, Zeus’ wife who hates every child her husband conceives with other women, especially mortals. But the job is far from simple, pitting Wonder Woman against the gods she thought were on her side her entire life. Diana and Zola grow close in the face of incredible stakes, as the Amazon grows to admire the strength, compassion, and bravery of her mortal companion. But their relationship is put to the ultimate test when Wonder Woman discovers that Zola is a vessel for the goddess Athena, and must fight for Zola’s very existence.


Sarah Shahi as Nemesis

Sarah Shahi is no stranger to either genre media OR action roles. Fans of Person of Interest will recognize her for her widely loved turn as Sameen Shaw, the shady, badass former agent of The Machine. That role makes her uniquely qualified to play the government agent, and borderline anti-hero, Nemesis.

While there was a version of Nemesis that is female, for the purposes of the Wonder Woman sequel, we’re gender-swapping the Thomas Tresser version. Following the events of the first film, Wonder Woman joins the Department of Metahuman Affairs, operating under her Diana Prince identity. Diana is working with the department in order to keep an eye on how the American (and international) government react to her and her costumed friends. Diana is paired with Nemesis to investigate metahuman incidents, and the two clash over their diametrically opposite views in the hero vs. vigilante debate. But … opposites do attract.

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